Roll n Rock Review: Exquisite Graphics, Unique Gameplay

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Roll n Rock

By Sain, BBGsite Reviewer Team member

At the beginning of this spring, Roll n Rock finally kicked off its OBT. As the third Most Anticipated Game awarded in our "Best Browser Games 2011" event, Roll n Rock has attracted tons of attention. But, does it really deserve the reputation and live up to the players' expectations? Now, it's time to test it. Let me show you what exactly Roll n Rock is like and what make it special.

First Impression: (Full Score: 10)

Graphics & Soundtrack: 9
Features: 9
Game Controls: 8
Game Systems: 8
Newbie Tutorial: 8
Average Score: 8.4

Pros: Designed in a cartoon way, the graphics, characters and items are appealing to youngsters, and the gameplay is very unique.
Cons: Players usually have to wait quite a while before the room owner starts the competition, and currently no instance mode is available.

1. Characters

Like other games, Roll n Rock starts from creating your characters. There are four options, but the characters are much the same in terms of abilities, though you can make your choice based on appearance and genders. It's just like what players say: "There is no best character, but only best player."

Roll n Rock Screenshot

2. Controls

The controls are very simple in Roll n Rock. Every player can master it through reading the tips on the loading page or through receiving newbie training. The special part is its combat items, each of which has unique effect. Especially when you use the rotation items you pick up in the combat, the screen will rotate in different angles. As a result, your opponents might be dumbfounded and crushed by falling objects. So when you are in combat, remember to collect as many items as you can.  

Roll n Rock Screenshot

Roll n Rock Screenshot

In addition to rotating the screen, another way for you to win the combat is to push or kick the rolling objects. When you push or kick a rolling object horizontally, it will start to roll forward and at the same time, it will also be influenced by the gravity, which means it will fall vertically when it is not supported. This is another effective way to kill your enemy in the combat, so you'd better practice hard until you are good at it.

Roll n Rock Screenshot

3. Game Modes

Roll n Rock not only offers you diversified items, but also many different combat modes. The combat in Roll n Rock happens in rooms. In addition to normal mode and guild mode, you can also choose score mode and death mode. If you can't find an opponent after you create a room, you can take advantage of the Match function, waiting for the system to automatically allocate a matching player to combat against you. Of cause, you can also find a player manually and team up with him in combat.

Roll n Rock Screenshot

Roll n Rock Screenshot

4. Equipment System

The equipment system is another key feature of Roll n Rock. 3D dress-up and cute characters, combined with diversified items, allow players to show off their personality freely. In addition, the equipment and items not only make characters look pretty, but also gives them different stat bonuses. Players can also improve the stats of their equipment through enhancing the equipment.

Roll n Rock Screenshot


Roll n Rock features delicate and cute characters, scenes and items as well as gameplay which is simple and easy to pick up. In addition, the "gravity" concept and the "rotation" and "rolling" functions make it distinctly unique, offering a diversified and fun gaming experience. Hope there will be more game modes coming up, so that more players will be attracted into this game.



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