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Roll n Rock

Quest System

Rock n Roll

Common Quests

Common quests are a series of quests designed to advance character development. Players will get familiar with Roll n' Rock through completing common quests. Players will gain gold and item rewards after completing a common quest.

Daily Quests

Daily quests are a series of quests designed to enrich players’ gaming experience. Players are allowed to complete a certain number of daily quests each day. Daily quest rewards are mainly gold and experience.

Holiday Quests

Available only on holidays, holiday quests will bring holiday spirit to players during holidays and give them decent rewards

Quest Tracking

A function enabling you to check your quest progress.

Treasure Chest System

Players can randomly obtain gold chest, silver chest and copper chest from combat. Players will gain a certain amount of loot from opening the chest.

Auction System

Rock n Roll

Auction system is designed to facilitate the transaction between players. If players have something for selling, they can simply put in the item to be auctioned, input the bid price and buyout price, and select the validity. Certain gold will be deducted as a custodian fee for the auctioned item, and the deducted gold is determined by the auction validity. When an item is successfully auctioned, points will be sent to the auctioneer’s mailbox via email; if no one buys the item when the auction validity expires, the item will be sent to the auctioneer via the mail system. If players want to buy an item, they only have to click the wanted item and then click Bid or Buyout. If the transaction succeeds, the item will be mailed to the buyer via the mailbox.

Mail System

Rock n Roll

Mails are classified into ordinary mails and C.O.D mails. Ordinary mails are mainly used by players to send items, books and letters to each other, while C.O.D mails are mainly used for item transaction. When players choose to send a C.O.D mail, they have to input corresponding points before sending it. The recipient has to pay the points input by the sender in order to extract the email attachment. The points paid by the recipient will be sent to the sender via email. If the recipient fails to pay for the item contained in the email, the email will be returned to the sender within the set period. Bound items are untradeable.

Currency System

Points: Obtained mainly through topping up, points can be used to buy clothes, accessories and items at mall. Points are the main in-game currency and can be circulated among players. Coupons: Normally obtained from questing and events, coupons can be used to buy specific clothes and items in the Free Zone of mall.

Gold: Normally obtained from combat and questing, Gold is a widely-used currency in Roll n’ Rock, mainly for upgrading equipment in smithy and buying combat items.

VIP System

Rock n Roll

7 VIP Privileges

1. VIP members enjoy double EXP for 2 hours every day.

2. VIP members will be given a loudspeaker every day.

3. VIP members will enjoy 110% combat EXP bonus.

4. VIP members can do shopping in VIP Mall to enjoy more special offers!

5. VIP members can do exclusive daily quests.

6. VIP members’ names will be displayed in a special color to stand out from others.

7. VIP rooms will be marked specially to create a striking look.


2000 points are required for a 30-day VIP membership.

Privileges 1 and 2 require players to claim manually from VIP Rewards on the Daily Guide interface and must be used before 12:00am.

Daily Guide

Rock n Roll

Daily guide will offer players such info as the latest news, latest events, leaderboard, etc. In addition, players can get various types of rewards at the Daily Guide interface, including Daily Rewards, Surprise Rewards, VIP Rewards, etc.


Rock n Roll

Leaderboard is a place to showcase heroes. Leaderboard shows top players in terms of Personal Level, Daily Increased Exp and Yesterday Combat. It is undeniable that leaderboard is an ideal place to showcase heroes.

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