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Roll n Rock

Entrance to Dating Center

Dating Center is a platform where Roll n Rock players can make new friends and communicate with each other. You can see the Dating Center building in the main scene, as shown below.

Roll n Rock Screenshot

Dating Center Introduction

1. Click the Dating Center building to switch to the Dating Center interface.

Roll n Rock Screenshot

2. After entering the Dating Center, you can check out all the online players on the right of the screen. Click Boys or Girls to select whom you want to make friends with. And you can also enter a character name in the search box to find him/her directly.

3. The profile of the player you’ve chosen will be displayed on the left of the screen. If you haven’t chosen anyone, the system will display the profile of the first player in the opposite-sex list for you. In the Dating Center, you can chat with anyone, date him/her, send gifts and even propose to him/her.


1. Click "Date" to open the Date interface.

Roll n Rock Screenshot

2. Enter whom you want to date and the dating info, and click "Date" to send out your dating request. Then the target player will receive a popup window like below:

Roll n Rock Screenshot

3. If he/she agrees to date you, both of you will switch to the dating scene. You will enjoy your dating in a romantic place as shown below:

Roll n Rock Screenshot


1. Click "Make a Proposal" to bring up the following window:

Roll n Rock Screenshot

2. Enter the name of your target partner, pick a ring and type in your love pledge, and then click "Propose" to make a proposal to him/her. The target player will receive your proposal message like below:

Roll n Rock Screenshot

3. If the target player clicks "I do", it indicates he/she agrees to marry you. The system will broadcast your marriage to the whole sever via Loudspeaker: "XXX accepted XXX's marriage proposal. Let's give them our best wishes!"

(Note: The marriage function is not available to players under LV 8, in which circumstance the Propose button will be displayed gray.)



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