Rising of King Preview: A Different Kind of Strategy

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Rising of King

Rising of King puts "Soul Cannons" and "Giant Rats" in the hands of online-gamers. With a creative spin on military warfare and a unique, close-knit player community, ROK appeals to a new generation of players. Hosted by Yeepgame, a division of Gamewave Interactive, this fantasy adventure takes place in a land broken by war. At first the scenario seems familiar, with each player commanding a city state and building up their resources. As with most games in the genre, players attack neighboring cities and establish their domains.

Rising of King Artwor

However, if you find yourself comparing Rising of King to the standard strategy game, this is where the comparisons end. While ROK provides players with the ability to build and command a fledgling empire, the game content delves deeper into the art of war than the typical strategy game.

From the main menu players select one of three races and begin to develop their cities. Unique building names such as the "Demonic Abyss" and the "Chaos Ovum" set the tone for the game's plot and help immerse players in the action. With more than 26 structures to place in your main base, you will need to explore the game layout before creating large scale armies or participating in the player community. This is where the game's quest system comes into play. The in-game quest system guides new players through the initial hoops of building a storehouse and training soldiers.

ROK's combat system fully embraces both single and multi-player modes, offering NPC battles alongside the option to attack your fellow players. Actual battles occur between armies, but the game features a hero system for players who want to customize powerful units. Leveling or special items can both alter a hero's stats, so players used to larger scale warfare should also micro-manage their heroes.

Graphically the game presents players with surreal artwork and a host of original backdrops for the game components. The battles take place through text reports and players cannot command their armies during the conflicts. However, the game features a dedicated player base complete with rankings and daily events. By switching from the city view to the world map, players can interact with others (stealing, spying, waging war) and forge alliances.

Rising of King may not be the simplest game on the market, but with an incredible amount of content, interesting gameplay and a collection of die-hard players, it puts you in control of a compelling online world. This is one game that casual and dedicated gamers will want to add to their play lists.



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