Rise of Mythos First Impressions by Jodie McIntyre

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By Jodie McIntyre from

Gamefuse launched version 1.2 for their new game Rise of Mythos. Rise of Mythos formerly known as Kings and Legends Global is a highly addictive and competitive strategy trade carding game with MMO features. The game is playable in any browser and is turn-based. There are four classes to choose from Warrior, Ranger, Mage, and Priest. When you choose your class if you wish to change your class at any time this can be done by paying with Gold that can be purchased with real money. Like most Pay to Win games the more you purchase the quicker you transition through the game with better opportunities and cards.

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The setting of the game is in a mystical land where you are the hero with the ability to use cards to summon creatures to battle monsters. The difference from this trading card game from other that I have played is that when you chose a card you can pick where you exactly want that card placed on the battlefield. There is a grid of 12 squares and you can choose. In update 1.2 there are 130 new cards added that can be unlocked through collecting, crafting, or trading. The level cap has been increased to 60 as well.

Rise of Mythos Screenshot

My overall first impression of Rise of Mythos is that the game itself if very user friendly. Gamefuse has new players walk through a game tutorial which is easy to understand especially for new players to card trading games. The cartoony graphics are a perfect addition to the game as well. The ease of starting the game and progressing are very nice. It is not overwhelming at all. I would recommend Rise of Mythos to all casual and dedicated gamers. Rise of Mythos is a unique card trading game for all types of players.

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