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In Rich$tate, a special convoy with wing vehicle and navigation vehicle is introduced for you! It is a good chance to enhance the defense and attack of your main car. If your main car is qualified, please don't miss the chance to unlock them!

Here is a picture of Convoy Interface:


What difference is between main vehicle and convoy vehicle?


How to possess the Convoy?

1. The Wing Vehicle will be unlocked when the main vehicle reaches Lv. 60, and the Navigation Vehicle will be unlocked when the Main Vehicle reaches Lv. 80;

2. It will cost you nothing to unlock them.

How to use the Convoy?

1. At the beginning both of the Wing Vehicle and Navigation Vehicle are defaulted to be Lv. 1 with the basic attributes, which can enhance those of main vehicle;

2. You can install component to the Convoy or assign your employees in it to enhance the basic attributes;

3. The attributes points of Convoy will be totally added to those of Main Vehicle.

How to upgrade the Convoy?

Here is a picture about the upgrade interface:


1. To upgrade the convoy, you should have the Convoy Experience Ticket. Here are more details about the tickets:


2. The highest level of the convoy to be upgraded to is Lv. 100.

How to use the cockpit of convoy?

1. You can enhance the basic attributes by assign your Convoy Employee to the cockpits. The number of available cockpits in a vehicle depends on its level. The limit of it is 25;

2. You cannot assign the same employee to the cockpits in two different vehicles;

3. You can recruit Convoy Employee by Convoy Contract. The Contract can be purchased in the mall.




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