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STEP:1 Establish your trading empire

Remanum is a first-class, multiplayer trading game which you can play for free in your browser. You are one of thousands of merchants endeavouring to acquire wealth and reputation in 20 cities of the the Roman Empire on the Mediterranean. Each turn lasts six months, and the player with the finest reputation in the Empire at the end will be made emperor. But this you will only achieve if you manage your workshops, farms and factories cleverly, sell your goods for a good profit, and ultimately use your wealth for the benefit of your city and all of your fellow citizens.

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STEP:2 Control the markets

You can pursue many different goals in Remanum. The first and most important of your goals is to become a distinguished citizen in your home town. To achieve this, you must extend your estate, manufacture goods and try to sell them for a good profit. Later on, you will trade with all of the cities and thousands of players around the Mediterranean, in an attempt to use the markets to your benefit. Naturally your co-players and opponents have the same interest, leading to an exciting competition for rare goods, the best prices and the good reputation that comes with success.

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STEP:3 An authentic economy with an open market.

Remanum provides a unique economic system: each trade, each sale, each need is recorded by the trading system on a global basis, resulting in ever-changing prices and demand in the markets on the Mediterranean. Using the tools of an open market, each player can pursue his or her goals and attempt to achieve maximum profit. A word of caution though: A trade that seemed profitable yesterday, may already be bad for business tomorrow.

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STEP:4 Your estate - the key to your success

To celebrate your first achievements you will need goods and a full purse. Your first goal in the game is therefore to extend your personal estate. You can build different industries that either produce simple, basic materials or process these into valuable goods. You can also sell your goods to the citizens of your home town at the emporium. By investing the profits from your initial successes, you can extend your industries or create elaborate commodity chains.

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STEP:5 The more you invest, the more you make

Remanum offers a very powerful manufacturing system: every industry manufactures goods automatically 鈥?so long as they are supplied with the necessary raw materials and there is plenty of room in the warehouse. The player's goal is to create highly effective commodity chains in which all industries operate at peak efficiency. The most valuable goods are produced by many different industries working together seamlessly. However, you can also procure semi-finished goods on the world's markets, keeping your industries flexible.

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STEP:6 Extend your buildings

Each building in Remanum can be extended and improved. With the right extensions, your industries will be able to manufacture more goods. Or you may decide to offer refined goods in future 鈥?in this case you would need to extend your industries to enable the manufacture of quality products. So that your wealth and reputation can grow, you will also need to invest regularly in functional buildings, such as the emporium, the warehouse and the docks.

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STEP:7 Go into politics - make money your power

Wealth by itself means nothing in Remanum. To help you ascend the all-important reputation ladder, you will need to donate goods and money, and dedicate yourself to the well-being of your city. Vote regularly or put yourself up to be elected senator. Politicians acquire an extraordinary reputation and have the power to decide how the city is to be extended. The senator with the best reputation will be made emperor at the end of the turn.

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STEP:8 The city - the seat of power

There are many different functional buildings that effect all citizens and players in a city. It is therefore of the utmost importance that you and your co-players work together to construct these expensive, yet useful, additions to the city. Benefits for your personal industries and substantial increases in reputation for yourself, your city and your supporters are the reward.

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STEP:9 Becoming emperor

Each game period in Remanum lasts 6 months. The player with the best reputation at the end of the period will be made emperor, winning that game. The city with the best reputation and the player with the largest property (census) will be awarded separately. Register now, join in the game and become emperor, you can play Remanum for free in your browser, no matter where you are.

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