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Ragnarok Online returns in an unexpected adventure called Ragnarok Zero in the West (Ragnarok Online: Prequel originally in China). This free-to-play anime 2D MMORPG is faithful to the original classic Ragnarok that captivated millions of players all over the world and is playable in your web browser. The beautiful and colorful Kingdom of Prontera is drawn in an amazing art style that will capture both new and returning players to the series.

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Ragnarok Online. Someone please tell me they wasted half as much time as I did on this ridiculously simple yet charming 2D MMORPG from way back in 2002. For a simple game, it had an amazing amount of depth and customization options and some of the cutest, most silliest-looking headgear ever. If you’re half as nostalgic about RO as I am, there’s a good chance you checked out Ragnarok Online 2 in hopes of something, well, similar. There’s also a good chance you were pretty disappointed after checking it out. While the successor isn’t a game that’s 100% awful (okay, maybe it is…), it really is nothing like the original.

Ragnarok Zero Screenshot

The good news is that there may be hope for nostalgic RO fans still. NGames recently announced an English adaptation for a brand new Ragnarok Online browser-based game that’s currently in development in China. It’s being called Ragnarok Zero and will feature a 2D world with an artwork style that looks quite familiar.

Ragnarok Zero Screenshot

Ragnarok Online has always been one of those games where you either hate it, or you like it enough to come back every year or two to get a nice dose of nostalgia.

Ragnarok Zero is a browser-based iteration of the game not only hoping to give you some of that tasty nostalgia, but also some new things to do.

The game -- named Ragnarok Online: Prequel in its native China -- is officially licensed by Gravity themselves and developed by Chinese browser giant Dream². That's right: a Chinese browser-based game has licensing permission



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