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Rage of Storms

The Story background

The background of Rage of Storms takes place in the world of 2024. Humanity consumes about 150 million tons of oil every day. The reckless waste of energy in the industrial nations has led to the race for the world’s last remaining natural resources.

The relentless dismantling of the last oil and gas sources and the associated exploitation of nature affect global weather conditions so severely that "the era of fierce storms" began. The battle for the last drop takes in Rakistan.

To build diverse specialized bases for disclosing the location of oil deposits in the desert Rakistans is necessary to secure the valuable resource for your own nation. You'll have to compete with other commanders, and thereby your tactics need to be adapted to the weather phenomena. Will you build your bases act ruthlessly and solve immense environmental pollution? Or do you prefer a secure, future-oriented strategy?


Rage of Storms uses turn-based tactics and the most complex building strategy. When starting the game, please notice the game features below.

This game requires setting up an outpost military base to make sure the oil reserves in the hostile landscape Rakistans. Then, you have a full control over the structure of your field of view, which attributes to the free allocation of construction sites and variable build-construction stages. You may experience the growth at first hand vie a variety of animations and visual changes.

You have to navigate your armies on the comfortable hex-map and explore the vast desert landscape to the largest oil reserves. Each command will be executed immediately without waiting and played in real time.

Middle-east: First-hand Report

Rage of Storms is an end to the tiresome battle report tables for the fighting is in real time and up close. To analyze what troops the enemy uses is better to adjust your strategies even better.

Rage of Storms

Up to the last drop

The last remaining drop of oil reserves must be extracted through the latest technology. The mobile support platforms can not only promote the extract quickly and efficiently but also offer a convenient transportation with large quantities. Soil analysis of your scout help make yourself own the greatest deposits, which will improve your rank steadily.

Rage of Storms

Science creates knowledge

This is a race for oil research. Only if you think vie the scientists’ minds and use the latest technologies will you compete at the top. The extensive research and branched tree offers you possibility to set priorities and every place you open help make further research.

Rage of Storms

The era of fierce storms

Devastating storms sweep across the landscape and hinder the disengagement of all the armies. Air pollution causes corrosive rain, which causes enormous damage to the building. The only way to adjust your strategy to the dangerous weather conditions in Rakistan is to explore environmental technologies to use cleaner energy sources.

Rage of Storms

For a common cause

The security of oil resource is vital to your nation. It’s better to join with other commanders to increase the chance success. The alliance system allows you to coordinate and communicate with the alliance headquarters, which make you argue effectively against enemy commanders.

Rage of Storms

A market without guarantees

When operating commodities trading in the black-market, beware that the supply and demand affect the market economy. So the price is volatile. If you follow the market development carefully, you can purchase additional raw materials at favorable prices at right time.



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