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Project Tank is a browser-based massively multiplayer online 3D action webgame. With the amazing browser-based 3D engine, Project Tank reconstructed the real conflicts in armored warfare back in 20th century.

Project Tank equips gamers with more than 400 tanks of 6 types that are affiliated with over 10 countries, including the USA, the Soviet Union, the UK, Germany, France, etc. Players can choose from over 200 WWII battlefield maps, which allow players to experience historical battles such as the Invasion of Normandy, and the Battle of Stalingrad.

With realistic scenes depicting true-to-life battles, a plot developed from genuine action-packed war stories, and historically accurate tank designs, this webgame offers gamers the riveting opportunity to relive the real and intense battles of WWII. This innovative gaming project distinguishes itself by stimulating strategic player coordination in warlike scenarios.

Project Tank brings players to the frontline to truly experience war with its amazing 3D engineering and graphics manipulation. There are over 10 fighting modes to bring players with varied gaming experiences. Gamers will also form alliances and teams to interact and cooperate with others. In team, the specialization is vital. Different duties of attacking, making strategies and defending will be divided for the win.

Various battlefields

Project Tank Various battlefields

Multiple maps and battle scenes reconstruct a real WWII battlefield. Take advantage of different terrains is the key to win each battle.

Multiple tanks and weapons

Project Tank Multiple tanks and weapons

All tank data of Project Tank are taken from existed and existing real tanks to reconstruct the war history. Their performance and specialty are for you to explore in the game.

More fun in team battles

Project Tank More fun in team battles

A strong enemy is usually not easy to be taken down by one man's strength. A glorious win takes a whole team to work together.

Various Techs

Project Tank Various Techs

Techs will help make your tank more identified with a specialty and improved firepower.



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