PoneyVallee: Nurture the Next Generation of Your Virtual Pony

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PoneyVallee.com offers players to adopt their own little virtual pony. You can train them in order to improve their skills: speed, elegance and magic and breed them for babies. You can also challenge other ponies and deal with players for breeding opportunities, engage in tournament and many other features.

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Brushing and Mucking out

You have to do these two actions every day otherwise your pony can become ill and loose some health points... You need a special brush related to your pony's kind and a feet mucker.

Level up

When you start the game, you will be level 1 and you can choose to progress in one of the following skill: Elegance, speed or magic. Train your pony will make it earn some experience. Watch out, your pony can hurt itself during training, so keep an eye on his(her) health points. Level up will be use to compute the breeding price and moreover for duals and tournaments!

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Each pony can launch 100 challenges each day. Challenges will be automatically accepted by your opponents. Only won challenges will be taken into account so there is no risk in challenging others, also your pony will not loose health points. You can only challenge pony which have a similar level as yours!


Tournaments are organized by category (Elegance, speed and magic) and have no effect on registered ponies health. Registration cost is set to 10 golds. Tournaments will happen at night and top players will be reward with gold, the more people there are in a tournament, the more gold will be shared!

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There is actually three rankings: the one of the best breeders, the one of the best quest players and the one of the best challengers.


You have to water your plantations during a few days before being able to harvest some good stuff to feed your ponies. You will harvest as much food of a kind as the number of plantation of this kind. Each time you water your piece of land, the watering cost increase by 2. It will reduce at a speed of 1 each day. Once it will raise 4, you will be able to harvest your piece of land :)


As soon as they will be married they can only be able to have child together. They will be also able to publish their wedding vow and divorce. Special genes are available to married pony.

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When your pony become adult (after 20 days), you can start the breeding activity. You need to find out another pony to start a breeding, the male pony has to be on the "stallion market" and the female has to request him for breeding. The owner of the female has to pay an amount of gold to the male owner. It is always the owner of the female that will keep the pony! The breeding price relies on the male skills. You can also have breeding between your own ponies. Gestation time will stay secret! When a baby pony is in the incubator, you have THREE DAYS to recover it. After that time, the pony will simply disappear and your spent gold with it.

The genes

Genes allow you to have a more unique pony and make them more expensive for breeding. There exist 4 kinds of genes:

  • The genes of "cattle" that allow to have stripped pony, zebra ponys and ... (many more).
  • The genes of "hoofs" that allow to have silver, gold and ... hoofs
  • The genes of "mane" that allow to have original colors.
  • The genes of "tattoo" which are so "in" in the valley!

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