PokemonCraft Guide: Sinnoh Gym Guides

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Here are all the Sinnoh gym guides on PokemonCraft. Easy-wins, battles, and advantages.

PokemonCraft Guide: Sinnoh Gym Guides

By Dei Akatsuki on official forum

Oreburgh City Gym: Oreburgh Gym is the first gym in the Sinnoh region. The Pokémon used in this gym are mostly of the Rock-type. I suggest you have a Water or Grass-type Pokémon around Level 14-25, with a few other support Pokémon. Roark, the Gym Leader, has a Geodude Level 12, an Onix Level 12, and a Cranidos Level 14. A Fighting-type Pokémon that could assist you for this gym would be a Machop. Psyduck would also be helpful for this gym since it can learn a few Water-type moves. If you have enough money, you can also buy some TMs from the PokéMart but I suggest you take a look at the Pokédex first.

Eterna City Gym: Eterna Gym is the second gym you will encounter in the Sinnoh region which happens to be Grass-type based. If you started off with a Fire-type Pokémon do not erase its Fire-type moves, as they will increase your chances of defeating the Gym Leader substantially. If you started off with a Grass-type Pokémon, this will be a tough gym to beat. If you started with a Water-type Pokémon, this will also make this gym difficult to beat. Your Pokémon's levels should range from 16-25 since the Leader, Gardenia, has a Level 20 Turtwig, a Level 20 Cherrim, and a Level 22 Roserade. Bug-type Pokémon like Heracross, Beautifly, Dustox, etc. will prove to be an advantage in this gym. Another strategy would be to catch a Ponyta (which can be found on Route 207) and use the advantages of Fire-type Pokémon over Grass-type Pokémon to defeat the gym.

Veilstone City Gym: Veilstone Gym is the third gym in the Sinnoh region which specializes in Fighting-type Pokémon. Fighting-type Pokémon are weak against Flying and Psychic-type Pokémon. If you have a Staravia or a Staraptor, it should know Aerial Ace or at least Wing Attack, as these moves will deal double damage against Fighting-type Pokémon. If you have a Kadabra or an Alakazam, it could know Psychic. Never teach Kadabra or Alakazam the move Psycho Cut, as that is a Physical move and will not deal much damage due to the said Pokémon's low Attack stat. The leader of this gym is Maylene, who has a Level 28 Meditite, a Level 29 Machoke, and a Level 32 Lucario. Your Pokémon's levels should range at least from 28-40 by now. In my opinion, if you do not have strong Pokémon that can take Maylene after you defeat all the Gym Trainers, then you should go to the Pokémon Center and heal up before trying to challenge Maylene.

Hearthome City Gym: Hearthome Gym is supposedly the fifth gym in the Sinnoh region but it will be the fourth gym you will challenge as of now. This gym specializes in Ghost-type Pokémon. If you have a Psychic-type Pokémon do not use it in this gym, as Ghost-type moves deal double damage against Psychic-type Pokémon. Dark-type Pokémon are strong against Ghost-type Pokémon, so using these types of Pokémon is highly recommended. The leader of this gym, Fantina, has a Level 24 Duskull, a Level 24 Haunter, and a Level 26 Mismagius. Your Pokémon's levels would be high enough to beat this gym by now.

Canalave City Gym: Canalave Gym is the sixth gym in the Sinnoh region. This gym specializes in Steel-type Pokémon. Fire-type Pokémon and Fighting-type Pokémon will have an advantage in this gym since the trainers have Steelix, Onix, Magneton, and Scizor. Byron, the Gym Leader, is running a Bronzor Level 37, a Steelix Level 38, and a Bastiodon Level 41. For Bronzor and Steelix, use your strongest Fire-type Pokémon. For Bastiodon, Water and Fighting-type Pokémon will work fine. Additionally, you will need HM Surf to reach this gym (from route 218).

Snowpoint City Gym: Snowpoint Gym is the 7th gym in the Sinnoh region. This gym specializes in Ice-type Pokemon, since it is surrounded by snow. Fire-type pokemon = excellent choice to use against this gym. Candice, the Gym Leader, owns a level 40 Piloswine, a level 40 Sneasel, a level 42 Abomasnow, and a level 44 Froslass. You will need to go to the east of Acuity Lakefront to reach this gym.



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