PokemonCraft: The Only MMORPG Pokemon Online Game

Date: Dec 01 2010 09:56:13 Source: BBGsite.com
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PokemonCraft is a F2P Pokemon Online Game which can be categorized as a Pokemon MMORPG. Forget all you know about previous MMORPG Pokemon Games before start playing PokemonCraft.

PokemonCraft is the only MMORPG Pokemon Online Game that is based on real Pokemon Platinum and Pokemon Heart Gold & Soul Silver Game Mechanics and Game Maps and this feature greatly differs PokemonCraft from other Online Pokemon Games.


  • Generation 4 Nintendo DS Pokemon Games' Maps and Mechanics
  • Most advanced and secure one amongst Pokemon Games Online
  • Gaining level is harder than normal and computer controlled units have more stat power. So long term playing experience is guaranteed
  • Levels 1-20 requires a normal amount of experience points to level up. This gets harder in the higher levels, with 21-40 requiring 2 times the normal, 41-60 requiring 3 times the normal, 61-80 requiring 4 times, and 81-100 requiring 5 times the exp from levels 1-20
  • Detailed market system which lets you buy and sell items, buy and sell Pokemon, trade Pokemon
  • Advanced server side movement which prevents cheating and provides extra features

  • Accessible buildings (at the moment, only the Pokemon Centerand the Shop Center) by walking. There is no other Pokemon Online Gamewhich has this feature
  • A Pokemon Center for healing hit points, battle effects, and PP points. (Nobody can farm with scripts)
  • An amazing Pokedex which offers sorting and filtering options
  • Awesome Pokemon Avatars from a very Very Talented Artist Xous
  • A Game pagewith an implemented chat system which supports multiple languages
  • A perfectly working private messagingsystem

  • An intelligently designed top players rankingsystem
  • Perfectly working Generation IVbased EV (Effort Values) and IV (Individual Values) points system
  • PokemonCraft is the only multiplayer Pokemon Gamethat you can not use scripts or macros to farm level
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