Poke Elf Guide to Combination

Poke Elf

Welcome to the Combination Guide, here we'll teach you how to improve your elf and make them stronger.

Firstly, combination is different from upgrading them, the results you get from combining are random, which means that you won't know what might come out. It's also the best way to generate a rare pet.

Now to do a combination, you'll need 2 pets which are level 40 and above, a protective item, a bonus item and gold.

Protective Items

These items protect your elfs from being lost should the process fail.

Pet Caring Stone

Stone of Zeus

Soul Stone

These items help increase the choose characteristics of your elf.

Soul Stone of Attack

Combination Process

First, make sure you have 2 pets which are level 40 and above.

Poke Elf

Poke Elf

Then go to the 'Elf Temple' and select the 'Combination'tab.

Poke Elf

Choose the selected Elves and insert the Soul Stones which you think is best for your elf. (Remember to use a protective item so that you won't lose your elves in case of failure)

Poke Elf

Once you're ready, click Start Combination and if it's a success, you'll receive a system notice in chat.

Poke Elf

Congratulations! You've just finished combining your first elf, so move to the elf file and have a look at it.

Poke Elf


1. When you're combining elves, the closer their growth means the easier it is to combine.
2. The higher the growth means the harder it is to combine, but it also means your new pet will have more growth.
3. Remember to remove the items which are equipped in your pet, if they combine successfully the items will vanish.
4. You combined pet will start at level 0, so be ready to spam a lot of exp scrolls on them.
5. If you fail, just try again. The limit of failure is 10 and after that the rate of success is 100%.

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