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Poke Elf

Firstly to introduce the method of wood element which is the best before, but now, it is not. There are three ways:

  1. Evolve to Frog first and combine to get a Purple Scorpion which can be evolved to Edacious Snake, and then combine to get a King Cobra which can be combined to Seiryu, finally evolve and combine to dragon.
    Advantage: being suitable for the newbie and the growth of dragon is not low.
    Disadvantage: the process is inconvenient.
    Recommendation: ★★★★
  2. Evolve to Boss Toad first; secondly evolve to Elastic Snake with spring; thirdly the King Cobra; finally you can get a dragon.
    Advantage: it is convenient to get dragon.
    Disadvantage: the growth of dragon is less than that of the first way and the spring is expensive.
    Recommendation: ★★★
  3. Evolve to purple frog and then choose way A, then B to get Rose Boy which can be combined to Dream Devil at Midnight; then finally combined with osquito to get dragon.
    Advantage: the growth of dragon is not low and it is convenient.
    Disadvantage:it is hard to get Ice Cream and Sunscreen.
    Recommendation: ★★★★★

Next is the method of metal element which is regarded as the fast one to get dragon, actually it is not.Get Pegasus by evolving Bohm Light by the way of B then A; And then to combine it once or twice to get dragon.
Advantage: fast to get dragon with simple material; it is suitable for newbie.
Disadvantage: the growth is less than that of the second method of wood.
Recommendation: ★★★★

Thirdly it comes to the fire element (not recommended personally):

  1. Evolve to Mosquito which can be combined to Red Kam first; secondly evolve it to Flame Bat which can be combined once to get Fire Monkey; thirdly combined to get Xianhu Momo or Kyubimon or Xianhu Lowwick or Scienwick; fourthly evolve to Fox with Nine Tails; finally combine to Fire Dragon.
    Advantage: to get high growth.
    Disadvantage:the process is troublesome and it is hard to get materials.
    Recommendation: ★★
  2. Evolve Mosquito to Red Kam directly.
    Recommendation: ★★
  3. When evolving to Flame Top, use the way B to evolve to Fire Dragon Egg; secondly evolve it to Lynx which can be combined to Red Claw Bird; thirdly evolve it to Bat; fourthly following the above methods.
    Recommendation: ★★☆

Other Methods:

1. Method One
(1) Firstly evolve the Rabbit that the system sends to you to Rabbit King, secondly combine with your elf to rank-6 and combined with rank-5 fire element to get Rabbit Ares. Recommend the metal. Thereafter, use the Rabbit Ares and Ice Dew to evolve from King of Water Bohm to dragon or without enoughluck to get Maya which have high rate to combine to earth dragon. Recommend Ice Dew.
(2) All know that double dragon can be combined to Holy Dragon by the restriction in five elements. That is earth dragon + metal dragon. Firstly evolve the Gold Bohm; secondly use the Super Book of Evolution (gained by the Box of Evolution from the instance with the earth dragon); thirdly, evolve Golden Bird to Pegasus with Advanced Book of Evolution; fourthly, evolve Gold Bohm to Thunder Flame Mouse by the way A, then combine it. There is high rate to get gold dragon, then earth dragon as secondary elf and gold dragon as secondary elf.

Need 5 Advanced Books of Evolution, 1 Super Book of Evolution, 1 Orb of Lightning and 1 Orb of Narcissus.

2. Method Two:
To get earth dragon with the method one; secondly evolve Icy Crusher to Angel Bohm by exchanging Bulb and Angel Aura with Evolution Gem that the earth dragon got in a battle; thirdly, combine it to get Avril or Dream Cat; fourthly, combine Avril and earth dragon, then combine it with Dream Cat to get Avil or Ice Dragon; finally earth dragon +Ice Dragon

Need Bulb, Angel Aura, 4 Advanced Books of Evolution, 1 Orb of Lightning and 1 Orb of Narcissus.

The Evolution Way of A and B

Metal Element: Gold Bohm -- Bohm Light -- King of Gold Bohm-Golden Bird -- Holy Pegasus. Holy Pegasus + any elf=Devil Bohm or Golden Bird Pope (Gold Dragon King with good luck)
Recommendation: ★★★★.
Materials: 2 Books of Evolution, 1 Super Book of Evolution and 1 Advanced Book of Evolution.

Wood Element: Green Bohm -- Bohm Jade -- King of Green Bohm -- Green Toad -- Boss Toad-Elastic Snake -- King Cobra. King Cobra + any elf=Seiryu (Dragon with good luck)... Seiryu --Dragon...Dragon+ any elf=Small Langlang (Seiryu Langlang with good luck)
Recommendation: ★★★★★
Materials: 2 Books of Evolution, 1 Advanced Book of Evolution, 1-3 Super Books of Evolution, 1 Green Lotus and 1 Spring

Water Element: Water Bohm -- Bohm Poe -- King of Water Bohm -- Narcissus -- Schiff -- Ice Dew… Ice Dew + any elf=Icy Crusher... Icy Crusher-Ice Bohm-Angel Bohm... Angel Bohm + any elf=Dream Cat (Ice Dragon with good luck)
Recommendation: ★★★
Material: 3 Books of Evolution, 2 Advanced Books of Evolution, 1 Bulb and 1 Angel Aura

Fire Element: Fire Bohm -- Bohm Nam -- King of Fire Bohm -- Flame Top -- Mosquito -- Red Kam -- Red Claw Bird -- Flame Bat… Flame Bat +any elf=Fire Rock Beast (Fire Monkey with good luck)... Fire Monkey+ any elf=Xianhu Momo... Xianhu Momo -- Scienwick Emm -- Xianhu Lowwick -- Heaven Fox Moji... Heaven Fox Moji +any elf=Flame Dragon
Recommendation: ★★
Materials: 3 Books of Evolution, 3 Advanced Books of Evolution, 1 Five-Color Feather and 0-3 Super Books of Evolution

Earth Element: Earth Bohm -- Bohm Rock -- King of Earth Bohm -- Wizard Ovum -- Black Ant -- Ant Guard -- Rocky Beast... Rocky Beast + any elf=Cappellus... Cappellus+ any elf=Moon Rabbit... Moon Rabbit -- Rabbit Ares... Rabbit Ares +any elf=
Recommendation: ★
Materials: 3 Books of Evolution, 3 Advanced Books of Evolution and 0-1 Super Book of Evolution

Another Way:
Heaven Rabbit -- King of Bohm Rabbit... King of Bohm Rabbit + any elf=Moon Rabbit or Rabbit Ares…Rabbit Ares + any elf=Maya (Yellow Dragon with good luck)
Material: 1 Advanced Book of Evolution.
Recommend for the newbie
The reason why newbie use the last type of rabbit is that the system will send it at level-30. Why I recommend the wood is that it only need combine twice and the material is for you to get. Many players think the metal element is easy to get dragon, but you may forget that there is higher rate to get Golden Bird Pope.

Dragon King: Gold Dragon King + any elf= Seiryu Langlang + any elf= Yellow Dragon. That means if you have a dragon, you can combine to any dragon with any element. (If the rank and growth reduces since you add elf below rank-3, please don’t blame me.)

Gold Dragon King: evolve Gold Bohm by the way of A, then B (because it is hard to get Golden Ovum); secondly evolve to Holy Pegasus by the way A which can be combined to Gold Dragon/Golden Bird Pope or Devil Bohm (combined again to get dragon). The disadvantage is the growth is a little low. Or evolve to Thunder Flame Mouse by the way A, then combine till Golden Bat; then evolve to Golden Bird Pope with Enhanced Pill B which can be combined to gold dragon.

Seiryu Langlang: It used to be the best, but now it need much money and more troublesome. Evolve Green Bohm to Purple Toad (by the way A); secondly evolve to Rose Boy for the rich (need Ice Cream and Sunscreen) or Edacious Snake for the poor; thirdly combine with Devil Bird/Seiryu; the Rose Boy is combined to Devil Bird as well; fourthly Devil Bird combines with Nightmare. It is said that Nightmare +Ice Dew= Little Seiryu. Evolve the elf that is combined to Seiryu to Dragon, then combine with Nightmare/ Small Langlang. PS: it is hard to get Ice Cream and Sunscreen.

Ice Dragon: evolve Water Bohm to King of Water Bohm (by the way A and evolving twice); secondly use the Energy Crystal to evolve to Icy Crusher (Way B); thirdly, evolve to Xmas Ice Bohm (Way A and need Bulb); fourthly evolve to Angel Bohm (Way B and need Angel Aura); fifthly combine to Dream Cat, then Avril; finally combine to Ice Dragon. PS: it is hard to get Energy Crystal, Bulb and Angel Aura.

Flame Dragon: evolve Fire Bohm by way A to Flame Bat (it is hard to get five-color feather to evolve Mosquito); secondly combine to Flame Mouse, then Fire Monkey and then Xianhu Momo; thirdly combine to Fire Dragon after evolving to heaven fox. Or evolve to Flame Top by way A, then way B (it is hard to get Nail of Fire Dragon) to get Fire Dragon Egg; then evolve twice by way A to get Lynx; then combine with Red Claw Bird; then evolve to Flame Bat; finally it comes to the above procedure.

Yellow Dragon: evolve Heaven Rabbit sent by the system at level-30 to King of Bohm Rabbit (Way A twice); secondly combine with Rabbit Ares or Moon Rabbit (evolve Rabbit Ares once by way A or B); thirdly combine Rabbit Ares with earth dragon/Maya (combine with Rabbit Ares/earth dragon again). PS: there will be repetition between Rabbit Ares and Maya.
Evolve Earth Bohm to Rocky Beast (way A); secondly combine to King of Bohm Rabbit/Moon Rabbit (do as above) / Cappellus (combine again, Rabbit Ares or Maya/ Moon Rabbit); finally it comes to the same procedure as before.

If you don’t want to combine the dragon, you can collect dragon scale to exchange the Dragon Gift Pack, and then use it to get a dragon.

Holy Pet:
Small Holy Dragon Langya:
Normal: combining two dragons may get Small Holy Dragon (very low rate, but it can be 100% with Imperial Stone; not recommending to use this way because it is too expensive); or exchange Holy Dragon Call with dragon scale, and then use it to get Small Holy Dragon (with confirmation, this is suitable for growth 10-20). And it is easy to get dragon with growth 10-20.
Full Growth: it is easy to get the full growth dragon with two growth-40 dragons with help of Stone of Zeus and 3 lucky stars. But it has high rate to fail. Recommend to use Imperial Stone which guarantee 100% success to get small god.
*Seiryu*: becoming from Small Holy Dragon Langya by nirvana, and Small Holy Dragon Langya can be done nirvana with itseld or *Seiryu*.
*Seiryu* can be done nirvana with Small Holy Dragon Langya or itself.

White Tiger:
Normal: God of Beast Master + Ghost Elf Ohm = God of Beast Master / White Tiger. God of Beast Master: Holy Pegasus (the way is stated as above) level-40 evolution (little Beast Master with Heart of Beast Master which can only be exchanged with Evolution Gem); then evolve again (God of Beast Master with Beast Master Ambition which can be exchanged as well) and Ghost Elf Ohm (to get by Imperial Stone 100%; not recommended with the same reason as above).
Full Growth: firstly it need a Gold Bohm; secondly use the high growth elf as the secondary elf till combining to Golden Bat (the only one below rank-7or 8 can eat pills); thirdly use Enhance Pill A not B to become Light Horse (rank-5) or it would become pope; fourthly combine to Golden Bat again. When it reaches growth-40, it uses Enhance Pill A, an advanced book of evolution and two super book of evolution, and then use Heart of Beast Master and Beast Master Ambition to become God of Beast Master; finally combine with growth-45 Ghost Elf Ohm which reaches it by using pill then add Imperial Stone to get full growth.

*Groaning Tiger*: to get it after the nirvana of White Tiger which can be done nirvana with itself, Small Holy Dragon Langya, *Groaning Tiger* and *Seiryu*.

*Black Basaltic*:
Normal: to catch a Sea Horse and a Goldfish in the Underwater World; Sea Horse + Goldfish+ any elf with 10-rank= Little Basaltic/ *Black Basaltic* (to get by Imperial Stone 100%; not recommended with the same reason as above).
Full Growth: firstly you need have a Sea Horse and a Goldfish, then you can choose to combine Little Basaltic but Little Basaltic + Pegasus/ Rabbit Ares = Sky Ant which is itself after combining with any elf! It suggests using the pill to level the Sea Horse and Goldfish to 25-growth or above. You can combine as well. But you must use high growth and good attribute. Then take Sea Horse as the chief and Goldfish as the secondary because the former has good attribute to get Little Basaltic with growth-30 or above; and then combine with dragon king with growth-40 or above. It suggests adding Imperial Stone to get *Black Basaltic* 100% which can be done nirvana with itself, *Groaning Tiger*, White Tiger, *Seiryu*, Snow Feather Phoenix and Fire Feather Phoenix.

Snow Feather Phoenix: firstly gain the Feathers of Snow and Red Snow in the Exquisite City; then exchange the Ovum of Snow Feather Phoenix with 500 Feathers of Snow and 3 Holy Feathers of Snow which can be gained by exchanging with 500 Red Snow.

Goddess of Nature and Darkness: go to the battle to check how much merit needed for the Ovum of two Goddesses, and then buy them with enough merit; then use it in the town interface.

Poke Elf Guide: Newbie Guide



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