Poke Elf Guide: Get and Combining Dragon

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Poke Elf

to get dragon fast , u need green bohm ( wood element )

Poke Elf

way A

green bohm > bohm jade(book of evo) > green toad(super book) > boss toad(book of evo) > elastic snake ( use spring [ way B ]) > king cobra (super book or demon wing) > ( king cobra + any elf ) = seiryu > dragon (super book)

way B

green bohm > king of green bohm (advance book) > boss toad (road sign) > elastic snake (spring) > king cobra (super book or demon wing) > (king cobra+any elf) = seiryu > dragon (super book) after that , way to combine a dragon :

combining dragon :

dragon+any elf = small langlang , small langlang+any elf = seiryu langlang , seiryu langlang+any elf = flame dragon , flame+any elf = yellow dragon , yellow+any elf = gold dragon king gold dragon+any elf = ice dragon after u get ice dragon , if u combine again u get seiryu langlang and back to flame dragon , in circle like that.

For newbie:

if u don't have SPRING , u can combine boss toad w/ any elf = elastic snake

growth of your secondary elf must reach half of chief elf or higher , if not growth your new pet increase a little. do not combine with elf rank 3 or lower see rank elf picture at here

combine dragon + dragon can get holy pet but if U're lucky

good luck , and enjoy this game

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