Poisonville: Bigpoint's 2 Million Euro Browser-based Game

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Poisonville, a fictional American city. Thousands of users play with and against each other in the huge metropolis – no holds barred. The city is divided amongst four gangs, each of which strives to conquer new ground and protect their territory from the other three. Players must complete missions, win fights and climb the ranks from fresh-faced gang member to gang leader.

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Awesome action in a freely explorable 3D world

The game is set in a fully 3D world of a quality which, up to now, has only been attainable in PC or console games - all with no download or installation, directly in the players' browsers. To make that possible, the graphical programming interface, the 100% Java-based jMonkeyEngine (jME), was severely modified and adapted to the game's needs, requiring an incredible amount of technical savvy.

This is the first browser game animated using motion capture, a technique which is commonly used in console games to film the movements of real actors and translate them into images. Day and night modes, sophisticated artificial intelligence, customizable vehicles and personally designed characters are only a few of the game's many groundbreaking features.

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Players are free to explore all aspects of the huge fictional city of Poisonville, including many attractions and shopping possibilities. They can navigate through approximately 600 quests and interact with other players on seven different maps each containing up to 1,500 players (a total of 5,000 per server instance), and participate in battles in the trailer park, where the city's four gangs go up against each other in exciting PvP battles.

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Immediate action with an introductory tutorial

Poisonville's innovations are clear from the very beginning: Players can plunge into Poisonville by simply clicking the "Play now" button. Before they even register, they can determine their character's appearance and enjoy an awesome comic strip that tells the Poisonville background story. Then the tutorial teaches them the basic game functions (commands, picking up and using objects, driving, etc.) and finally they must ally themselves with one of the city's four gangs. Only then must the player decide whether or not to register a free game account.

PoisonVille Screenshots
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