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Here is a guide about the Pockie Ninja,Ninja Leveling and Boosting Guide in Pockie Ninja. Thank Anixian who posted it on If you have any problem about it, just check below:

To level ninjas, you need to gather Ninja EXP points (looks like a pink colored flower item) from buildings, battles, plots and more.

Refer below to learn how to train your mid to high leveled ninjas and how to boost your low leveled ninjas using your strong ninjas.


Story/Plot/Arena/Trial/Ninja Saga/Etc. Battles
- Win battles to gain Ninja EXP. Note that dead ninjas will not gain any EXP and the number
of EXP gained is dependent to the ninja's current level.
- This method is best for leveling mid to high leveled ninjas.
- Try to reduce the number of casualties to maintain a good EXP gain per battle.


Put Ninjas to Working Mode
- Build any building that requires a ninja. Harvest them to gain Ninja EXP.
- Gives average Ninja EXP.


Put Ninjas to Harvest Mode
- Select any completed plots and assign up to 5 ninjas to harvest.
- Gives average Ninja EXP.


EXP Pills
- Use these EXP Pills to give instant Ninja EXP points to your ninjas.
- Limited to 5 EXP Pills per Pill Type per Ninja. Resets at server time.
- Get more from Active point Chests, Lucky Draws, Game Events and more.


EXP House
- Build an EXP House and upgrade it to gain higher ninja EXP points.
- Manual Training: Start an instant battle.
- Auto Training: Only available to the ninja in Patrol.
- Recommended for low leveled ninjas.


Esoteric Palace
- The higher the Esoteric Palace, the more EXP can be passed on and the less Ryo is
consumed. Double Ryo will be consumed if you pass on skills one more time per day.
- You cannot pass on EXP to ninjas who are working or fighting.
- After passing EXP, ninja will disappear.
- You cannot pass on EXP to ninjas who are working or fighting.
- After passing EXP, ninja will disappear.
- Enter the Plot and try to one hit kill all the non-Weapon ninjas with your Planetary
Devastation skill.


- If you succeed, you can now add your low leveled ninjas to give them boosts!
- You might need 1 more ninja to defeat the Weapon type ninja (if he or she survived).
- For the Sasuke's Showdown Map you will need 2 Planetary Devastation users with around
800 to 900 attack on each Ninjutsu ninja.



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