Pockie Saints Guide: Pet Quality

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Pet Quality

In Pockie Saints, there are 9 pet quality levels: White, Green, Blue, Purple, Orange, with each level 10 stars.

Pet attributes will increase with the pet star upgrade.

Pockie Saints Screenshot

Improving the pet quality can get a new look for your pet, more skill slots, a higher refine cap and a special skill.

Quality Level Color Appearance Pet Skill Slot Basic Value Special Skill
1 White No Change 0 / None
2 Green Change 1 1 / None
3 Green Change 1 2 Change None
4 Blue Change 2 3 / None
5 Blue Change 2 4 Change None
6 Purple Change 3 5 / None
7 Purple Change 3 6 Change None
8 Orange Change 4 7 / Special Skill 1
9 Orange Change 5 8 Change Special Skill 2

Pockie Saints Screenshot

Pet Quality Improver

Lv.1: costs [Average Quality Stone]

Lv.2: costs [Low Quality Stone]

Lv.3: costs [Low Quality Stone]

Lv.4: costs [Medium Quality Stone]

Lv.5: costs [Medium Quality Stone]

Lv.6: costs [High Quality Stone]

Lv.7: costs [High Quality Stone]

Lv.8: costs [Mega Quality Stone]

Lv.9: costs [Mega Quality Stone]



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