Pockie Saints Guide: Pet Introduction

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In Pockie Saints, all your desire on the pets will be satisfied. Apart from their cute or cool look, they can also bring you attribute boost and be with you through the game. Choose one, players!

How to Get a Pet

At the beginning, players will get their very first pet by finishing the newbie quest, but if you want a stronger one, you shall either refresh Pet Panel to summon or buy it in the Shop.

How to Summon a Pet

Pockie Saints Screenshot

Click on Battle in the panel to have a pet go with you.

How to Raise Pet Joy

Pet Joy reduces as the battle goes on. If Joy drops to 0, the pet has to be out of the battle. Therefore, players must timely feed the pets Pet Cookie that can raise Joy.

How to upgrade pets

In the game, all is about upgrade. In Pockie Saints, leveling up pets is very simple. Just bring them to battle and kill monsters, but be aware that pet level can't be higher than the character's. If you encounter that, relax. You won't lose the excessive EXP that will accumulate in the EXP Slot, So, immerse yourselves in the upgrade!



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