Pockie Saints Guide: How to Get Starsouls

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In Pockie Saints, Zodiac Medals, containing 12 Lord Gods' original power, absorb chaos power to grow while Starsoul is formed by the world's order power. Hence, the more Starsouls you get, the faster the medals can grow.

Starsoul Introduction

Starsouls are divided into Natal Starsoul and Four Starsouls (Fire Starsoul, Earth Starsoul, Air Starsoul, and Water Starsoul)

How to Get Starsouls

Players can get their own Natal Starsouls upon completing main and side quests after Lv.10. After Lv.28, apart from Natal Starsouls obtained by completing main and side quests, players can also kill other players to get their Four Starsouls and Natal Starsouls. (Killing players in the battlefield will net you extra reward). [Killing other players will net you their Natal Starsoul and attribute starsouls]

Pockie Saints

Starsoul Transfer

Open Starsoul Transfer on the Zodiac Medal interface and use Natal Starsoul to transfer into the starsoul you desire to get.

Pockie Saints



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