Pockie Saints Guide: Goya's Tower

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Instance Introduction

In Pockie Saints, Goya put her shadow in a two-storied magical tower with a great number of Puppet Men and Puppet Mages on the ground floor. To encourage warriors to challenge it, Goya promised that the warriors who killed Puppet Men would be greatly rewarded!

The instance is divided into five levels according to the difficulty level and reward: 27, 31, 36、46, 56

Players can challenge twice per day.

Instance Reward: EXP after killing BOSS

Pockie Saints Screenshot

Note: If the characters of three different classes (Warrior, Mage, and Assassin) team up to challenge Goya's Tower, they will obtain extra 20% EXP; Players can't use In-situ Resurrection, HP Bags and MP Bags in the Goya's Tower.

Pockie Saints Screenshot



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