Pockie Pirates Review: Those Unsung Pirates Rene

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This is a review about the character Rene in Pockie Pirates. It's posted by veinexes from Official Forum. If you're interested in this character, just read this article below:

Pockie Pirates: Rene

Strength: 310
Wisdom: 120
Physique: 420
Agility: 150

I real----ly wanted to use this character when I first started, I did. For one reason if anything and that is she has her own story. What's that? Rene has story you say? Well I'm not surprised you don't remember it. First off lets talk about Rene's position in the starting area of Fuschia Village. She is supposedly the strongest there and is known as an experienced "Navigator". Navigator is very misleading first off since she's a swords woman but that's a moot point. It probably means she is a Navigator as a profession rather then a class selection. Moving on she teaches us to use skills (along with help from a extremely annoying tutorial aiding doctor) and we're off. Later during the second wave of Alvida's Pirates she is asked to stay back and protect the villagers so you can fight without worrying about civilian casualties. Finally in the third act she joins you revealing her swordsmanship skills and saying that she is accomplished in defense (which is a understatement). By now you've fast clicked through most of this and are happy to have a 2nd member but that quickly changes once your first fight ends. We'll talk more on that later though, back to the story. Alvida is beaten in no small help thanks to the fact they make it impossible to lose thanks to Luffy helping out, The day is saved and Rene wants a favor of you. Her father is apparently an explorer, and she wants to find him so she travels with you.

But that's it, Boom, the end. The story as far as I've seen does not progress past that point on either clues nor whereabouts of her father. Does she ever meet her father, or find a trace of him. Maybe near end game, no confirmation on this yet but if anyone knows I'd love to hear about it. Alright lets get to Rene's Nitty Gritty. First her skill

Shield of Guard

All damage to the user is reduced by 1/2.

That is... actually a really powerful skill if you think about it. The ability to just says that any damage you take is automatically less, the skill scales easily with levels because your enemies will always be struggling to actually harm you. Now we come to the bad part, she shares the same problem all swordsmen classes do... she is so------- slow. My dear god, this woman almost always goes last without some serious improvements. This makes her skill almost useless since on the skill turn she goes last which means you've already bent over and taken all the damage you wanted to prevent. Many Swordsman protagonists share this downfall in later levels being outdone by all other classes with ease without proper shadows or gear. And that seems to be the best way to have Rene work, Speed shadows and Wind God set. She makes a very big impact on players, unfortunately it's not the right one sometimes.

Rene, an original character that got lost in the sea of much better crew member choices.



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