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This review is about the character Mr. 5 in Pockie Pirates. One thing is for certain, if you want to move up in the ranks you need a specific configuration of people and power. What happens though to those who fail to live up to our expectations though. Hired for a Bromide and thrown to the wind, but sometimes your luck is not the best and you're just stuck with what you've got. These are for those who embrace those outcasts and their quirks Today's Outcast Pirate.

Pockie Pirates:Mr. 5

Strength: 480
Wisdom: 190
Physique: 200
Speed: 730

Poor Mr 5, he may not seem like much but he is a powerful ally if used correctly. The first thing you should notice about our blasty friend here is his speed. 730 in development at level 1, that number makes Mr 5 the fastest character at level 1 in the North Blue Bar. Even Outspeeding the much more desired stun maker Boa Hancock by 100 speed. If we were to compare both characters bare leveling at a even rate Mr 5 would always seem to have the superior edge to Hancock, though not by to much. This is where the gear choices and development come in. As a common thing I have noticed the main focus for most developments is speed, get your attack first and you win. Hancock's speed rises greatly thanks to her attack and other developments being negligible since her active skill does not use M.Atk or any other stat for itself. I believe most would probably raise the development on speed as far as they could, redding out* (reaching max development for the level) the development if possible. I would think that it would reach a final safe zone around 900~1000 in development. This number would put a gigantic buffer between herself and most other characters in terms of speed, but not Mr. 5.

Mr 5's development should also focus on merely speed. His skill does indeed damage but that's not what you want from him the most. Mr 5 sports the longest stun length in the game, spacing out 3 whole turns of uninterrupted punishment that can be rained upon anyone unlucky to be taken by his Silent Bomb skill. The main problem is getting Mr 5's skill to hit the right person, his ability largely depends on how he is facing in battle as most navigators will usually use shelter of god to remove his stunlock. With no other debuffs lasting as long as his does they are almost assured to cure this status if they are not constantly debuffed for it's duration. But lets say you face someone like a Sniper, another fast and powerful character, now he will shine. Mr 5's speed will grow tremendously, at a rate of development increasing it's maximum by bounds and strides. Development increases it's maximum range every 10 levels, as of this post my own MR 5's development at level 58 is a speed of 1069. That is not max either, judging from the remaining bar amount I would guess it to be more like 1110~1120 max development. With room still to grow in level and development he could become a beast by level 80, maybe even reaching that elusive SS rank in Speed with a bit of help from the Wind God set.

Now lets talk about Mr 5's skill.
Silent Bomb:150% damage + 3 turns of stun, if he does not stun he stuns himself for 3 turns.

first things first, that sounds really bad, losing a character's participation for 3 turns, ouch. Luckily though Mr 5's stun chance seems insanely high. After 50 fights using Mr 5 not once did he stun himself in any fight, always managing to stun his opponents. However when I fought Mr 5 in Crocodiles battle, and Elite battle, he did stun himself in the first fight but not the elite. so 51/52 fights is a 98%, does this mean that Mr 5 stuns 98% of the time! .... Unfortunately no, this just means I am extremely lucky. But I would think that this also means Mr 5's stun chance is quite high. I would think it is closer to 80% chance to stun the opponent, which mean a 20% chance to stun himself. This is a true Henchman's skill, sticking with Mr 5's character. If the stun succeeds, congrats, if not you don't really care cause you were only using him for the stun anyways. His damage goes through either way, and he still is able to take the punishment to protect your more useful members.

So lets give it up for Mr 5, the best stun and fastest booger in North Blue. Tune in for our next look at Those Unsung Pirates



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