Pockie Pirates Review: Those Unsung Pirates Kuro

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This review is about the character Kuro in Pockie Pirates. Did you ever notice this guy in the game? If not, you can read this article below, maybe you can find something new about him after reading. Thank veinexes who posted it on Official Forum.

Pockie Pirates: Kuro

Strength: 360
Wisdom: 180
Physique: 150
Agility: 509

Captain Kuro, you remember this guy. When you saw him in the anime the only people you could compare him to so far were Krieg and Buggy. So what could be more intimidating then a clown and a man with more firepower then small battalion? How about a guy with ten separate katana on the end of his hands?! What's more is he can actually use these giant implements without damaging himself even when moving faster then the human eye can see. If we were to throw these three pirates of renown; Buggy, Krieg and Kuro, into a large free for all it's almost certain Kuro would come out on top. So why is it that he's so unused? Even to the point that some might simply pass him by for others like Chew (coming soon), or even Kuroobi? First off lets look at him and his development, he is a stereotypical sniper, his speed outshining any other stat except attack. His physique making him a veritable "glass cannon", a term used to describe any character that can deal alot of damage but can take near none. Normally this would be bad, but Kuro was never one to fight up close and personal anyways so why should he be expected to tank? Secondly I think he suffers a confusion in rank, look at his predecessors. Buggy rank S, Krieg rank S, Alvida rank A, so wait are we saying that Kuro is the Alvida of the 50's bar? No that's silly because there already is a Alvida in the 50 bar, and even she's rank S. So Kuro suffers from a reduced development thanks to his status. The other Sniper captain in the 50's bar is Krieg, and his development outdoes Kuro's in all place except Wisdom. True Krieg was never the smartest guy especially compared to Kuro the Schemer, but faster? ugh, now that my rant is out of the way lets go to the skill.

Death Scoop

Target a random enemy with a curse and have a chance of preforming a second attack

First off, curse? I've used Kuro for awhile after I got to 50 all though most of Drum Island and I never saw a debuff or any indication of a curse. Second, it's not random. It's the same as any attack in the game, it targets the row in front of him first until all targets there are defeated, then moves to the next row in the line. Kuro's damage for his skill is based on his agility development and his speed. This works out well with his character and is a simple act of developing him to have a insane agility development. A secondary aim should be strength, his regular attacks will also damage quite a bit, especially with things like Moonwalk backing them up. Kuro's skill has a secondary effect that can only be found when using him, if Kuro kills with a first attack of his skill, his second attack will hit the next person in the row, if not the next target in the order of attacks. Things like Fast Chase will not activate off of Kuro's skill unless he does not attack twice, so a Kuro with Fast Chase will have a chance for a second attack and fast chase after his first skill attack kills. Once the skill is chosen between the two other will not go off. So maybe after all this you are thinking Kuro is a pain to work with. He's not health heavy, just fast and his attacks give off sometimes less then desirable damage. He shines at one thing tremendously though, Whitebeard.

Whitebeard hides a special ability to negate any damage over 5000 and reduce it to 5000. This has been a great equalizer in allowing lower level players to have shots at winning that 1 million silver from higher players that may have attacks that normally would deal over 12 thousand damage in one shot. Kuro's attack skill is a double attack, so he can sneak by this ability allowing for him to do up to 10K points of damage to Whitebeard on the skill phase. the extra damage gives more silver and thus gives you more for enhancements and warship upgrades.

So that's Kuro, the Identity confused cat-man in the 50 bar. Hopefully he may someday gain that S rank that he deserves.



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