Pockie Pirates Guide: Strategy of Sniper

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Pockie Pirates: Sniper

Fast speed, high attack and moderate defense, sniper is a profession of long range type. Sniper is the most flexible character in the game, as they are powerful, agile, and expert in dodge and hit. Fans of One Piece anime series must have Snipe King Usopp on the mind at thought of sniper, but in Pockie Pirates, sniper looks nothing like Usopp. Then, what on earth does sniper look like in the game? Let's see the skill introduction below.

【Skill Introduction

Aptitude Skill: (is available to discover at lv.40)

Shadow Pounce:Move like a ghost in the battlefield to randomly attack enemies 10 times. Skill has to cooldown for 2 rounds.

Active Skills:

Six Powers: Finger Pistol: Attack enemies on a row. Damage increases with Skill Level.

Night Of Dark Shadow: Enter sneak status to raise dodge. The effect increases with Skill Level.

Rapid Shot: Sacrifice hit for more powerful attack. The effect reduces with Skill Level.

Fast Block: There's a certain odd of raising your critical hit when attacking the target. The increased amount is related with Skill Level.

Concussion Shot: Attack and stun the target. The duration is related with Skill Level.

Poison Infiltration: Poison the enemy target. The duration is related with Skill Level.

Passive Skills:

Burst Assault: Raise your side overall critical hit rate. The effect increases with Skill Level.

Fast Chase: There's a certain odd of launching one extra normal attack to next target after killing one enemy. Skill release rate increases with Skill Level.

Mind Focus: Raise hit rate every two rounds. The effect is related with Skill Level.

Rapid Outburst: Raise your speed every round. The effect can be stacked and last until the end of battle. The effect increases with Skill Level.

Blood Surge: Raise attack when debuff occurs. Increases attack is related with Skill Level.

Six Powers: Moonwalk: Continuously raise Dodge. The effect increases with Skill Level. Next normal attack will deal double damage every two rounds.

According to the close beta, I think if you wanna to rock the world with sniper, you'd better choose these three skills:

Active skill:

Shadow Punce (lv.40): Great damage.

Fast Chase


It's the best skill for sniper..



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