Pockie Pirates Guide: Strategy of Doctor

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Pockie Pirates: Doctor

Doctor is a healing and assisting profession that features strong magic defense and excellence in every aspect. Fans of One Piece anime series must think of the lovely pet doctor Chopper at the very first thought. Doctor is mainly to recover HP and the core of the team. Whether a team is fierce or not depends on doctor. Then, what doctor looks like in Pockie Pirates? Let's see skill introduction below.

【Skill Introduction】

Aptitude Skill:(is available to discover at lv.40)

Holy Blessing: Greatly raise all members of your side Physical and Magical Attacks. The effect will last for 2 rounds.

Active Skills:

Firm Armor Guard: Enter protection status to reduce the damage after releasing. The duration and effect increases with Skill Level.

Spirit Incentive: Raise attack of your crew on the rows. The effect increases with Skill Level.

Emergency Healing: Heal a single target with notable effect. The effect increases with Skill Level.

Group Healing: Heal the group to recover at least 400 points of HP. The effect increases with Skill Level.

Holy Shield Protection: Create a holy shield for a random single target of your side to protect him from being effected by magic. The duration increases with Skill Level.

Passive Skills:

Holy Guard: Raise yourself defense. The effect increases with Skill Level.

Focus: Raise yourself speed when releasing the skill. The effect can be stacked and last until the end of battle. The effect increases with Skill Level.

Wind Wing:Raise overall speed of your side when releasing. The effect increases with Skill Level.

Holy Counterattack: There's a certain odds of launching normal attack to the damage source upon being attacked and give yourself recovery status for 2 rounds.

Inspiration: There's a certain odd of recovering your HP at the end of each round. Skill release rate and the effect increase with Skill Level.

Two best passive skills for doctor:

Inspiration+Holy Counterattack

Best active skill for doctor before lv.40

Group Healing

Best active skill for doctor after lv.40

Holy Blessing

Doctors are very strong when you level up, she can be Tank stand in front of your team.



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