Pockie Pirates Guide: Shells

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There are 13 types of shells in Pockie Pirates, which are: hit, dodge, block, armor break, critical hit, tenacity, physical damage, physical damage immunity, magical damage, magical damage immunity, HP, speed, and Fury.

Shells have 10 grades. The higher the level is, the better attribute it has.

Synthesize, embed and remove shells:

Pockie Pirates Screenshot

Synthesize shells: Combine low level shells to get high level one. For example: 2 lv.1 Hit Shells can be synthesized into 1 Lv.2 Hit Shell.

Pockie Pirates Screenshot

Embed shells: A blue gear can embed with 3 types of shells, a purple gear can embed with 6 types of shells. You can only embed each type of shell once in a gear.

Remove shells: You can click in the embed interface to remove shells.

Where to find the shells:

You can find shells in the underwater treasure system or join various activities to get them.



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