Pockie Pirates Guide: Sailors in East Blue Bar

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In Pockie Pirates, if you wanna crew a sailor, you should go to the bar. And here are the information of all the sailors in East Blue Bar. See who you can get there:

Name Quality Recruitable level Profession Skill Skill Description
Buggy S 15 Sniper Spinning Darts Attack an entire line of enemies, inflict great physical damage and stun enemies 1 turn.
Gin S 15 Swordsman Man-Demon Strike Attack a single enemy and decrease the target's physical defense by 30% for 2 turns. Damage depends on the skill user's own strength.
Morgan A 15 Swordsman Earth Crack Chop Attack a single enemy, inflict damage which is equal to 80% of the target's lost HP and stun the enemy for 1 turn.
Sham A 15 Sniper Theft Swindle Attack a single enemy and inflict common physical damage to the enemy's surroundings.
Mohji A 15 Swordsman Animal Whip Hit the ground to create shockwave, attack all of the enemies and inflict 50% physical damage. The after-shock will lead to shockwave which equals to remaining ninja*4, each shockwave will inflict 100 points damage.
Jango A 15 Navigator 1.2.JANGO Cure all your allies. Restore HP wich is equal to 15% of the caster's max HP, also increase the physical attack power of the allies.
Buchi A 15 Swordsman Cat Kill Hit a random enemy with a Cat Kill, all inflicted damage will turn into the attacker's HP. The effect will last 2 turns.
Helmeppo A 15 Sniper Aimed Shot Aim the target to shoot. 100% hit, deal 200% physical damage, and ignore any resist effect.
Alviada(Fat) A 15 Swordsman Alvida's Bludgeon Attack a single enemy, inflict additional damage which equals to 20% of the enemy's remaining HP.
Cabaji A 15 Swordsman Hollow Moon Chop Attack a single enemy, inflict 200% physical damage and stun the enemy one turn. In the meanwhile, it will inflict 50% physical damage to enemies nearby and reduce their speed by 10% for one turn.

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