Pockie Pirates Professions Skills Guide

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In this guide, we will show you some basic about using your Pockie Pirates professions in game. Pockie Pirates has 4 class professions that you can choose from currently. These professions are Great Swordsman, Sniper, Navigator, and Doctor.

Pockie Pirates Basic Profession Stats

Sniper 4 1 3 2 5
Great Swordsman 5 1 4 2 2
Navigator 1 5 2 4 2
Doctor 1 4 3 4 3

Pockie Pirates Profession Skills

The different Pockie Pirates professions have different skills. Each of the profession can hold 1 active skills and 2 passive skills. However, it should be noted that the chance of drawing the skills are not equal because some skills are stronger than the others. You will need to spend gold to reset the skills. In addition, as you progress through the game, more skills get unlocked.

You will need to pick your profession skills carefully if you want to have a strong crew in Pockie Pirates. In general, multiple damage skills such as Navigators aoe attacks deal less damage to single targets but have more potential versus multiple enemies. However, you still need Swordsman to take out targets quick with one shot.

You will obtain Pockie Pirates skill points every 5 levels. You can enhance the skills by using the skill points on the skills that have been discovered.

Pockie PiratesGreat Swordsman Skills
Brutal Clash: Reduce attack of all enemies.
Cheer: Raise physical attack of all crews.
Double Attack: Attack single attack twice.
Gale: Attack single target with chance to damage nearby enemies.
Great Shield: Enters defense mode to lower damage taken.
Meteor Strike: Attacks single target three times.

Mirror Soul: Bounce 30% of damage back to attacker by chance, skill up increases by 10%
Rampage: Raise critical hit by 0.1%
Water Arts: Increase hit rate by 2%
Grand Power: Raise defense by 400 points per skill up.
Warlord’s Power: Raise physical attack by 400 points per skill up.
Stout: Raise defense by 2% in battle per level up.

Pockie Pirates Sniper Skills
Dark Shadow: Raise Dodge
Finger Pistol: Attack enemies in a row.
Rapid Shot: Sacrifice hit to deal more damage to single target.
Fast Block: Raise critical hit chance.
Concussion Shot: Stun enemy.
Hidden Poison: Poison single target.

Burst Assault: Raise your crew overall crit by 1% per level
Fast Chase: Chance of launching an additional attack in Pockie Pirates
Mind Focus: Raise 5% hit chance per level up.
Rapid Outburst: Raise speed by 0.3% per level.
Blood Surge: Raise physical attack by 500 points per level.
Moonkwalk: Deal twice damage with normal attack and increase dodge by 0.2%

Pockie Pirates Navigator Skills
Frost the World: Attack entire collumn
Heavy Rain: Attack all enemies
Fallen Meteorite: Attack all Pockie Pirates enemies
Snowstorm: Attack entire row.
Medusa’s eye: Stone and petrify one single enemy
Toxic Space: Poison all enemies

Flame Power: Raise 0.8% magic attack per level
Fiery Blessing: Raise 5% critical chance per level
Gale: Raise 0.2% speed per level
Speed Control: Raise 1% speed per skill up in battle.
Tactics: Additional damage with critical attack.
Shelter of God: Clear Debuff

Pockie Pirates Doctor Skills
Firm Armor Guard: Reduce damage
Spirit Incentive: Raise rows of crew attack in Pockie Pirates
Death Temptation: Extra damage while attacking
Emergency Heal: Heal 13% HP on crew, 3% additional heal per skill level
Group healing: Heal all members of 400 HP points. 100 additional heal per level.
Holy Shield: Shield of magic

Holy Guard: Raise 1.5% defense per level up.
Focus: Raise speed by 30 points and 30 more points per skill level up
Inspiration: Chance of recovering 11% HP at the end of the round, 1% more per level up
Holy Counter: Chance of counter attacking in Pockie Pirates
Wind Shuttle: Raise overall crew dodge by 1%
Wind Wing: Raise overall speed of crew by 50 points.



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