Pockie Pirates Guide: Newbie Guide to 150 Liveliness

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Wanna get as many liveliness as you can in Pockie Pirates? It's not that hard. Here is a guide about how to get 150 liveliness, just check below. Thank landonzxc who posted it on Official Forum.

First step: Click on "Login Rewards" then click 2nd page 'Secretary'
There you will see tasks you must complete before being able to claim the following rewards for:
1. 50 liveliness: 100k silver, 1*Salvage Rope (for undersea treasure) and 3*Level 1 Shell Chest.
2. 100 liveliness: 500k silver, 2*Salvage Rope and 1*Vitality Pot (+5 vitality).
3. 150 liveliness: 1m silver, 5*Salvage Rope and 1*Vitality Pot.

For every task completed you are awarded 10 liveliness.
* With the emergence of pockie pirates Chapter 3 there are now 17 tasks for a total of 170 liveliness.
Therefore you can pick and choose 15/17 tasks to get your 150 liveliness.

I. Non-gold tasks

1. Defeat 50 pirate group.
*requires 50 vitality and dungeon pirate groups do not count!

2. Attend 5 arena fights.
*only requires you attend the arena fights not win them.

3. Fortify/Enhance gears 30 times.
*requires varying amounts of silver and time depending on enhancement level/gear.

4. Aptitude Upgrade 10 times.
*requires varying amounts of prestige and time depending on level/attribute being upgraded.

5. Fishing 8 times.
*only possible after level 30 when you unlock the second fishing slot.

6. Attribute Development 10 times.
*requires varying amounts of prestige depending on rank and level of sailor. (B/A/S/SS)

7. Warship Upgrade 10 times.
*requires 800k silver total (10x80k)

8. Complete speedy training 10 times.
*requires 10 training potions acquired from slave labor.

9. Merchant set sail 3 times.
*completed in your harbor

10. Rob ship 4 times.
*also completed in your harbor. Not required that you win the fight just attempt 4 robberies.

11. Hunting shadow 10 times.
*only available after level 50. requires varying amounts of silver depending on rank of shadow you hunt.

12. Enter dungeon 2 times.
*available after level 40. Not free until level 60. First time entering dungeon is free. 2nd time requires 50g. Entering level 40 and 60 dungeon = your 2 free tries.

13. Salvage undersea treasure.
*requires 5 salvage ropes or 50g.

14. Spend 20,000 silver dueling other players 3 times.
*requires you complete 3 duels. 20k*3 =60k silver required.

15. Attended the Shichibukai tournament 2 times.
*requires varying amounts of silver ranging from 20k (2x10k) to 140k (2x70k).

II. Gold tasks

1. Tax residents in harbor 5 times.
*requires 2+4+6+8+10= 30 gold total. Amount of silver acquired depends on protagonist level.

2. Salvage undersea treasure 5 times.
*can technically be free if you have 5 salvage ropes. Otherwise costs 50g.

3. Expend/ Spend gold 10 times.
*requires a minimum of 10g. (I recommend you complete this task by completing times of 59 secs or less therefore only costing 1g per completion.)

****I recommend trying to get 150 liveliness as many times as possible during lower levels because it becomes increasingly harder due to the aptitude liveliness requirement taking more time as you reach higher levels.****

***Also reaching 150 liveliness makes reaching 150 the next day easier because you acquire 5 salvage ropes from the previous day therefore saving yourself 50g***



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