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Pockie Pirates is a new game released by Ngames recently. The game is now in closed beta. If you're interested in the game and wanna have a try, you can check this FAQ first. It would help you a lot before you play the game.

FAQ On Shell

Q: How can I obtain Shell?
A: You can obtain it by Underwater Treasure or other events.

Q: How to use Shell?
A: Open backpack interface, click Embed, select the gear you wish to embed and place the shell in the slot.

Q: How to synthesize Advanced Shell?
A: Advanced shell can be synthesized via Low level Shell. For example, 2 Lv.1 Hit Shells can be synthesized into 1 lv.2 Hit Shell.

Q: How to recover embedded Shell?
A: Shell removal can be done on the shell embedment interface. Just click to remove it.

Q: How many Shells can be embedded into the gear?
A: Blue gear can be embedded with 3 kinds of Shells while purple above quality gears each can be embedded with 6 kinds. Each gear can only be embedded with one kind of shell.

FAQ On Crew

Q: How many crew members can I take to the battle?
A: You can take up to 5 crew members to battle for free formations.

Pockie Pirates Screenshot

Q: How can I get senior crew members?
A: You may recruit senior crew members from the boss of the bar in the scene maps.

Pockie Pirates Screenshot

Q: How to change crew's skill?
A: Select reset to change the skill on the skill interface and rediscover.

Q: How to upgrade crew level quickly?
A: You can use the function of crew training to train the crew quickly and upgrade crew level.

FAQ On Treasure

Q: How many kinds of underwater treasure are there?
A: There're three kinds of underwater treasure: Corals, Underwater Shipwreck and Underwater Relics.

Q: What can I get from underwater treasure?
A: You can get Shell, Training Potion, various EXP Card, Silver Cards, Call-ups, treasure chests, etc.

Q: How to salvage underwater treasure?
A: You can consume Salvage Rope or gold to salvage specific treasure. Salvage Ropes and treasures differ with the salvage objects.

FAQ On Basics

Q: What shall I do if game loading fails or black screen occurs?
A: You may try the methods listed below:
1. Please empty the temporary files in your browser and relog into the game.
2. Please shut antivirus software or fire wall temporarily and relog into the game.
3. Please uninstall the original flash program to upgrade or reinstall a new one; before uninstalling, please shut all browsers and other software related with flash program. To install the latest version, please relog into the game.

Q: I've never played Pockie Pirate. What shall I do?
A: If so, we advise you to do newbie quests to get familiar with the game. Just click Auto Pathfinding button on the upper right corner to help you locate the quests.

Q: How to obtain Prestige?
A: You can obtain Prestige by quests, campaigns, team battles, arena rewards and others.

Q: How to obtain silver?
A: You can obtain silver by completing quests, taxation, arena rewards, fishing, trades, etc.

Q: How to obtain gear?
A: You can obtain the gears by: directly purchasing from the mall in the game, quests, unlocking Progress Treasure Chests, Instancing drops, and team battles, etc.

Q: How to recover HP?
A: Currently, HP recovers itself: 1 point increase every 30 minutes and 1 point loss every battle.

Q: What is Aptitude for?
A: Aptitude can increase character attributes with its level up, boosting your strength.

FAQ On Interface

Q: How to shield other players?
A: There is a hidden button on the upper right corner of the screen. Use it to shield or display other players.

Pockie Pirates Screenshot

Q: How to close the background music?
A: Click Horn icon on the upper right corner of the screen to switch off and on the background music.

Pockie Pirates Screenshot

Q: How to open World Map?
A: Click Earth icon on the upper right corner of the screen to open it

Pockie Pirates Screenshot

Q: How do I view my bounty?
A: Mouse over to the avatar to view bounty blew the character name

Pockie Pirates Screenshot

FAQ On Bar

Q: How do I recruit mates in the bar?
A: Click the boss of the bar in the scene to enter the bar interface. Click Convene and 5 cards will appear in front of you. Click flip to recruit the crew member you wish to have.

Q: How many options do I have for recruitment?
A: There are 3 options available: Convene, Advanced Convene and Super Convene.

Q: How can I recruit advanced crew members?
A: The odds of obtaining advanced crew members depends on how advanced the recruitment method you choose.

FAQ On Trade

Q: How to use merchant fleet?
A: Click Territory and Trade Warehouse to use it.

Q: How many kinds of merchant fleets are there?
A: There are five kinds: Low Merchant Fleet, Medium Merchant Fleet, Advanced Merchant Fleet, Merchant Fleet Rich and Merchant Fleet Royal.

Q: What benefits can I get from merchant fleet?
A: The benefits vary with the level of merchant fleet. The advanced merchant fleets have better chance for better gears.

FAQ On Activities

Q: Which activities can I attend?
A: Currently, we have World BOSS, Team Battle and Instancing for participation.

Q: Is there any requirement for participation?
A: Yes, World BOSS and Team Battle require the participants to be lv.30 above and Instancing Lv.40 above.

Q: When will World BOSS appear?
A: World BOSS appears twice every day, respectively 2:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m.

Q: What kind of rewards can I get if I defeat World BOSS?
A: You can get:
1. Silver gained from each battle = Damage inflicted in the battle
2. Prestige gained from each battle = Damage inflicted in the battle *3 /100
3. Top 10 players that deal damage to World BOSS will obtain extra reward. The last player that deals damage to and kills World BOSS will receive lush rewards.

FAQ On Account

Q. How to register an account at
A: Welcome to the world of Pockie Pirate at!
You can click Register button on the home page or register Passport of Game321 through the following link.
Registration Link: ...

Finish registration to embark on your journey.

Q. How to secure my account?
A: To secure your account, please don't leave your password and other information on public occasions (e.g., login and tick Record Password in the Internet Bar), or disclose the information to other players and complete your profile information in the game hall. Email binding, security question and answer setting and valid registered email address are all effective way to get back your account.

The address of game hall is:

FAQ On Gears

Q: In what order is the gear quality divided?
A: The gear quality is listed in ascending order: Green–Blue - Purple – Orange – Red.

Q: Why my gear can't be enhanced?
A: The limit of gear enhancement level is in line with character level. The higher leveled gear is available to enhance with each character level increase

Q: Can gear be inherited?
A: Gear's enhancement level can be inherited. Gear of high enhancement level can pass it on to the lower one.



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