Pockie Pirates: New Players' Tips

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In this guide, we will go over the basic questions that you may have when you first enter the world of Pockie Pirates.. By going through this guide, you will be able to have a basic understanding of the different features offered in Pockie Pirates. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to add as comments and check out our list of Pockie Pirates guides.

Basic Pockie Pirates Points and Currency Rundown

Use this quick list to figure out where you can get various points in Pockie Pirates. There may be more ways and methods for you to obtain various things in Pockie Pirates, however we have only listed some of the main ways that you will encounter early in the game of Pockie Pirates.

Prestige: quests, campaigns, team battles, arena rewards.

Silver: completing quests, taxation, arena rewards, fishing, trades..

Gears and Equipment: cash shop item mall, Pockie Pirates quests, unlocking Progress Treasure Chests, Instancing drops, and team battles.

HP: HP recovers by itself once every 30 min. Every battle consumes one HP.

Aptitude: Level up boosts character aptitudes or stats.

Useful Pockie Pirates Interface Tips

Below are some useful interface tips to help you navigate in Pockie Pirates:

Hide Other Players: Use the hidden button on the upper right corner of the screen.

Turn Off Background Music: Click Horn icon on the upper right corner of the screen.

Open World Map: Click Earth icon on the upper right corner of the screen to open it.

View Player Bounty: Mouse over to the avatar to view bounty below the character name.

Pockie Pirates Quick Crew Overview

Pockie Pirates crews are essential to help you win more battles smoothly. You can take up to 5 crew members to your battles. In addition, you need to train and upgrad your crews using the function of crew training to get them ready for battle faster. Lastly, you can reset the skills of crew via change skill and rediscover. It should be noted that you can obtain stronger Pockie Pirates senior crews from the scene maps boss of the bar.

To recruit more Pockie Pirates crews, you have to click the boss of the bar in the scene to enter the bar interface. Click Convene and 5 cards will appear in front of you. Click flip to recruit the crew member you wish to have. Currently, there are 3 options of Convene available: Convene, Advanced Convene and Super Convene. You can increase the odds and chance of obtaining advanced and senior Pockie Pirates crew members by using higher level of Convene recruitment option.

Basic Treasure Information for Pockie Pirates

There are three kinds of underwater treasure in Pockie Pirates, Underwater Shipwreck, Underwater Relics, and Corals. In Underwater treasure, you can obtain various valuables such as Training Potion, EXP card, Silver Cards, Shell, Callups, treasure chests, and more. To salvage underwater treasure in Pockie Ninja, you have to use Salvage Rope or gold to do so. Depending on the objects and type of underwater treasure, the amount of Salvage ropes and treasures may differ.

Pockie Pirates Shell Embed

Shells are like gems in the other MMO’s that you might play, they can be embedded into your Pockie Pirates gears to give you various boosts. The Pockie Pirates shells can be obtained through Underwater Treasure and other events. To use them, simply open the backpack and click the Embed and open up the embed shell interface. You can also remove shells via the Pockie Pirates shell embed interface.

Stronger and advanced shells can be synthesized with low level shells, for example 2 level 1 Hit shells can be made into 1 level 2. Because your gear shell slots are limited, it is good practice to embed as many high level shells inside your gears as possible. Or you can save the shells to be inserted into higher level Pockie Pirates gears.

In terms of the shell embed limit, Pockie Pirates blue gear can be embedded with 3 kinds of Shells while purple above quality gears each can be embedded with 6 kinds of shells. However, each gear can only be embedded with one kind of shell so you will have to mix them all up and use the highest level shells possible.

Basic Trading

You can use Pockie Pirates trading and merchant fleet through Territory and Trade Warehouse. You can currently use 5 different kind merchant fleets: Low Merchant Fleet, Medium Merchant Fleet, Advanced Merchant Fleet, Merchant Fleet Rich and Merchant Fleet Royal. You can obtain better gears with better merchant fleet, however the chance is not 100%.

Good luck and Enjoy the game!

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