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Here is a guide about the Liveliness in Pockie Pirates. Thank Joeleeq who posted it on Official Forum. If you have any problem about it, just check below:

Click Login Rewards then click 2nd page 'Secretary'.

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i. 50 liveliness: 100k silver, 1*Salvage Rope (for undersea treasure) and 3*Level 1 Shell Chest.
ii. 100 liveliness: 500k silver, 2*Salvage Rope and 1*Vitality Pot (+5 vitality).
iii. 150 liveliness: 1m silver, 5*Salvage Rope and 1*Vitality Pot.

Each task done = 10 liveliness. Currently we have exactly 15 tasks for 150 liveliness.

A. Non-gold tasks

1. Defeat 50 pirate group. 50 vitality required.
2. Attend 5 arena fights, no matter win or lose.
3. Fortify/Enhance gears 30 times.
4. Develop crew attribute 10 times. Prestige required depends on rank of character.
5. Fishing 8 times. Level 30 onwards (2*4).
6. Aptitude Upgrade 10 times. Prestige cost depends on level of the aptitude.
7. Warship Upgrade 10 times. Requires 10*80k= 800k silver in total.
8. Complete speedy training 10 times. 10 training potion is required. Capture 2 slaves =2*5 times= 10 training potion.
9. Merchant set sail 3 times.
10. Rob ship 4 times in harbor.
11. Hunting shadow 10 times. Level 50 onwards. Minimum cost= 10k*10= 100k silvers.
12. Enter dungeon 2 times. First time is free. 2nd time requires 50 golds. But, level 40 and level 60 = 2 free times.
13. Salvage undersea treasure using salvage rope 5 times.

Thus, only level 30 and above can reach 100 liveliness due to fishing and dungeon constraint and lack of salvage rope. However, even if you are level 30, not forgetting that warship upgrade costs 800k stones, it is unworthy to actually reach 100 liveliness in terms of silver cost vs benefit.
Not forgetting also that aptitude costs a lot of prestige and prestige is more worthy to use on aptitude. Thus, it is better for us to actually just hit 50 liveliness at this stage.
But, 400k for 1 salvage rope and 5 vitality. Vitality is priceless X)
But, everyday 1 rope, so on the 5th day, you will have 5 ropes so you can try hit 100 liveliness by salvage undersea treasure when you still haven't reach level 50.
When level 50, you can go shadow shop, so you can replace the aptitude task with it.
When level 60, you can do dungeon for both level 40 and 60.

B. Gold tasks

1. Tax residents in harbor 5 times. 2+4+6+8+10= 30 golds for huge amount of silvers. This is more like exchanging golds to stone system.
2. Salvage undersea treasure 5 times.
3. Expend/ Spend gold 10 times. This is pretty clear.

Time-saving free plan

- Some tasks dependent on your internet connection speed.

Plan A: 50 liveliness
1. Beat 50 Pirate Groups.
2. 8 Fishing. Speed depends how many fishing level you unlocked.
3. Merchant set sail 3 times. 30 minutes (3*10 minutes) or 45 minutes (3*15 minutes)
4. Rob ship 4 times.
5. Speedy training 10 times. 20 minutes.
6. 5 Arena Fights. 50 minutes (5*10)
7. Enter new dungeons 2 times. Level 60 onwards.
8. 10 Shadow Hunt. Level 50 onwards.



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