Pockie Pirates Guide: Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

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Source: Keep your eyes on the prize by Astrint from Pockie Pirates' Official Forum

This guide is based on my personal Game Play during closed beta and the public release. I thought i would toss it out there for anyone interested. It has helped me get things that i've been after on plenty of occasions but it is not a 100% gauranteed to work every time.

It's actually very simple to get your preferred Crew. I used this method to get Little Oars Jr. in the normal convene twice. It's not even a trick or a "Shut Up And Take My Money" type of thing. All you need is fast eyes and all you have to do is watch the card you want. Normally, in these types of games you can't do that because the shown cards shuffle just for show but are really just randomnly placed but Pockie Pirates is a bit more user friendly.

So here's my tip for getting that special mate for you're rowdy crew.

Step 1. Convene, any convene you want. This applies to all convenes.

Step 2. Spot the card you want immediately. As soon as you are shown the possibilities you have to lock onto the card you want whether it be the name you want, the avatar you want, or the stats you want.

Step 3. When they flip to start the shuffle, follow that booger as if your life depended on it. When the shuffle starts, you need to stay locked on and follow that card until it stops moving(if possible. i actually have a rough time at this myself.)

Step 4. Select the card you believe to be the one that you wanted. Most of the time, if you can follow the cards well enough you can get your desired character on the first try. if not, and you're utterly determined to get the card you want, you can always spend gold to find it or you can just convene until it comes up again or you find one you like better and go through steps one through four again.

Now, for completion rewards cards.

The items are generally in the same area most of the time. Weapons and armors are from mid to far right. potions, silver and gold from mid to far left. Occasionally they send you a curve by putting the gold under the mid right card but it is mostly under the far left card, and occasionally under the mid left card. Weapons and armors are mostly in the right side of the cards. Rings, which are only available through perfect completion rewards, are put toward the right most of the time as well but they are also, like the gold, moved under the mid left or far left cards to throw a bit of randomness your way.



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