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This is the shell guide for newbie on how to use shells in Pockie Pirates.

How to obtain shells?
Shells can be obtain through shell chests and the level of the shell is same as the chest's level. Or one can buy it from the pirates shop.

What does shell's do?
Shells give bonus percentage to the crew attached. Bonus stat depends upon the shell type.

How to put shells on crews?
Shell can be put into slot of equipment, blue equipment has 3 slots while purple equipment has 6 slots. Same type of shell cannot be embedded into the same equipment.

What are shell levels?
Higher the shell level, higher the shell percentage bonus increase. To calculate the shell you can multiply the level of the shell to the bonus percentage of the level 1 shell.Two shells of same level can be synthesized to get a shell of higher level. Max level of every shell is 10.

Types of shells and their bonus:
Every shell can be obtained from chest.
Shell name                                                          Level 1 bonus                                         
Physical Attack                                                      0.23%                                   
Magical Attack                                                       0.23%
Physical Defense                                                     0.23%
Magical Defense                                                      0.23%
Critical                                                             0.50%
Critical Resist                                                      0.50%
HP                                                                   0.50%                        
Speed                                                                0.50%
Hit                                                                  0.60%
Dodge                                                                0.60%
Block                                                                0.80%                                 
Block Break                                                          0.80%
Fury                                                                 2.75%

Which shell to uses for each crew?
1. Attack Shells it should be to crew in accordance to crew type, magical attack shell only on doc and nav and physical attack shells only on snipers and swords. I would say give these shells to only those crews whose attacks are magical/physical attack based and not
non-attribute based, crews like van,docq etc will not benefit from it. I would say give it to crews with heavy AOE damage or single hit kill like damage or crew like law need them.
2. Defense Shells it should be used on every crew but one should use high level shell on your crew who have low physical or magical defense and use shells accordingly to which is weak.
3. Critical And Critical Resist Shells give critical shells to crew whose skill can crit specially crew like nami and laffite. Give critical resist shell to to every crew to protect or lessen critical's damage, it protects against crit.
4. Block And Block Break Shells give block shell to tanks and crews with high block tendency as they will block normal attacks and screw up strategies of others. Block break shell should be given to every crew especially those who get block a lot.
5 Hp Shells it should be given to tanks or one with lower hp or most importantly to those whose skill depends on hp.
6. Speed Shells either give speed shell to the fastest crew like franky so that there skill is useful and they are not slow in pvp or pve. Or you could use shell to sync speeds of crews. Also, there is no use of giving speed shells to crews who are very very slow.   
7. Hit and Dodge Shells hit shells are important as they help your crew not to miss the attacks i.e. opponents dodging and dodge shells does opposite, it  helps your crew to dodge. Give dodge shells to tanks and sniper prot who can dodge a lot. Give hit shells to crew who miss a lot, at higher level each crew must have atleast 180% hit in total.
8. Fury Shells most people consider it the most important shell. If you have 6 fury shells on a crew whose total bonus>=100% then your crew will release his skill on first> turn, its called T1 fury(i have no idea why "t1"). If you have less than 100% then give to crew whose skill can crit, higher fury higher damage, however this will not work on every crew, you may have to check your self. Or you can distribute fury to every crew such that defury cant affect your skill release. But aim for T1 fury, free user or lower vip levels should wait you will get t1 fury some day it may be hard but everyone does.  

Do and donts:
1. Never combine all your shells to only one higher level. I mean first you should level every shells to level 2 of a crew, then level each shell one by one to higher level when you get more shells.
2. Every shell has its stat bonus do check.
3. I would suggest spent 15 mins to rearrange shells carefully.

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