Pockie Pirates Guide: How to Have a Strong Swordsman

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A guide of how to have a strong swordsman in Pockie Pirates from the start (for free users).

1) Go for the main story WITHOUT using silver you should be getting 2-3m that you will use later

2) Don't use gold

3) After you're able to go to the "Battle of the nyaban brothers (elite)" try to get all of those items for the weapon x 3, for the armor x 4, for the boots x 4 then you can continue with the the story (now you can start to enhance them)

Pockie Pirates Battle of the nyaban brothers

4) Now go to the "Battle of syrup village" get those items too except the book AND BEFORE reaching lvl40 try to enhanced them all to the max lvl and get all of those items x 4

Battle of syrup village

5) As a swordsman your defense aptitudes should be high so to develop go like this Iron wall (40)>Holy Guard (40)>Clash (30)>Eclipse(30 if you have a Magical damager)>Tenacity (35)

6) Your Warship is important too get the marine battleship with 1 star

7) Try to get Jango, Buggy and Shura or Satori, Buggy and Shura

8) Your pet should be healing at least 4k just because you're a swordsman

9) Now you caan continue go with main story so you can get your Endless Sky skill then you'll be ready for the thunder god dungeon (remember that at lvl40 you get a free weapon)

10) after you finish the dungeon (you should be perfecting it at 1st try if not focus on the other parts) give to your whole crew a part of the set

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