Pockie Pirates Guide: How to get Akainu or Aokiji

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It's time for a little Guide of how to get Akainu or Aokiji in Pockie Pirates. You have to wait until the Events for the Admirals are available if you plan on getting one or both of those two.

First of all I'll intoduce you how you can figure out WHEN the Event for the Admirals is announced.
Let's start with the Homepage, it's always, nothing else and if you happen to get an other link it's a scam site without any doubt, so don't trust any other Site but game321 if you want to get Aokiji or Akainu.

We will start with Step 1 then:
Go to the Homepage and check the Event Box about any recent activities.

Pockie Pirates Event Box

The Event Box:

There you can see now which Event is being host and when it's available, make sure you always have the Server time in mind, because the Event will only be available at the stated Server time. In this case
[Duration]:00:00 May 17th- 23:59 May 19th,GMT-5,2013

Pockie Pirates Event Box

If you have checked the Event (beforehand in this case) you can access it In-Game through the "Special Event" Tab (look below):

Pockie Pirates Event Box

It usualy got 2 Pages now and you can check all of the new Events In-Game that way.

Mow let's assume you're willing to get Aokiji or Akainu, you gotta move to the 2nd Page then... Have you done it you will select the "Lucky Bag Exchange" Event on the 2nd Page in this case.

Pockie Pirates Eventx

A Lucky Bag is 80g, for Aokiji you need 190 Small Cards and Akainu is 200 Small Cards, in case you're extremely lucky you'd have to get 190 or 200 Lucky Bags (that's about 8000-16000 Gold)

Now let's see if luck is with me:

Pockie Pirates Gold

As you can see I've opened up a Lucky Bag and got 1 Small Card from it.

Now to Aokiji or Akainu

Once you have enough Small Cards together you just chose the 'Call of Kuzan' Event for Aokiji and 'Call of Akainu' Event for Akainu.


Pockie Pirates Akainu


Pockie Pirates Kuzan

It will look like this after you Claim:


Pockie Pirates Akainu


Pockie Pirates Kuzan

Then you will find 2 Crew Cards in your Bag

Pockie Pirates Crew Cards

Once you have used both Cards you will find your new Crews in your Logbook

Pockie Pirates Crews



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