Pockie Pirates Guide: How To Catch/Steal Fish From Other Boat

Date: Jul 29 2012 22:39:44 Source: Official Forum Views:
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Catching Fish is a good way to earn money in Pockie Pirates, and here is a guide about catch or steal some fish from other boats. Thank my_team who posted it on Official Forum.

Step 1: Go To Harbor

Pockie Pirates Screenshot

Step 2: Check The Bottom Where You Can See Other Pirates Boat

Pockie Pirates Screenshot

Step 3: Click The Down Arrow That Located In The Top Of Row Number !!

Pockie Pirates Screenshot

Step 4: Click The Down Arrow Until You Reach 30 + (Its Ok If You Want To Go In Higher Than 30)

Pockie Pirates Screenshot

Step 5: Click Some Pirates That Located In The Pirate Row.

Pockie Pirates Screenshot

Step 6: Start Clicking Catch Fish That Located At The Middle Of The Boat And Do It Again !! Until You "The Catching Fish Is Times Up"

Message Comes Out !!

(If You Cant Catch Fish To That Boat !! Just Find A New One!!)



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