Pockie Pirate: Group Healing Guide

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By: hensa_adriano

This guide will tell you how to obtain group healing without spending gold to reset skill in Pockie Pirates.

First: You better searching for doctor early, (because recruit earlier is better)

Second: After recruit, discover the doctor active skill,if the skill not a group healing, better you fire your doctor

Third: Go to bar again and do convene (with 30000 silver) to get the new doctor, try that until you get group healing

*Reason : Because to reset the skill we need 50 gold, and so hard to get gold in this game ,so beter use silver, but if you wan't use gold don't forget for charge ;)

After you get your doctor with group healing let me tell you the unbeatable formation for newbie put Rene ( you automatically get for free) in front of your main character and upgrade her hat, armor, and cloak to max , and let her be the tank for your group, (i promise she is strong enough ) and your group healing make Rene become invisible


We can flip card when complete the stage 40 % , 100% , and perfect score if you want to get gold from this, try to flip first card or second card BECAUSE gold is just always in first or second only!!

(This situation always happen to me , now just try click first or second card, and you will see what i see)

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