Pockie Pirates Gold, Silver, Prestige, and Vitality Walkthrough Guide

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Pockie Pirates has three main currency that you will encounter while playing. These three main currency or resources are Gold, Silver, and Prestige. In this guide, we will go over how to gain and use these currencies in Pockie Pirates to make your Pockie Pirates character stronger.

Basic Gold, Silver, Prestige, and Vitality Overview

The various Pockie Pirates points and currencies have different ways of obtaining them, as well different places to use them. In this portion we will go over the main concept behind these points and how to use them.


The Cash Shop money of Pockie Pirates. You will use this currency money for the majority of cool down speed up, treasure hunts, and advanced uses such as better chances at recruiting rank S crews. You will basically pay money to obtain premium powerups to your Pockie Pirates crews.

In our opinion, the best way to spend your Gold is to unlock additional enhancement slots and training slots because they are permanent and can continuously help you grow faster in game. In addition, you may also want to consider save the gold for the underwater hunts because Pockie Pirates shells are hard to come by in the game. The worst way to spend your gold is on cooldown reducers because you basically get the time for free. You should avoid on cooldown reduces unless you really have thousands of dollars that you are willing to spend on Pockie Pirates.


Silver is the main money currency in Pockie Pirates. You will mainly use it to do training, purchase gears, and enhance your Pockie Pirates gears. There are many ways that you can obtain and earn Pockie Pirates silver which we will go over in detail in the next section.

You pretty much earn the Pockie Pirates Silver for free, thus you should always spend all your silvers as much as possible to increase your Pockie Pirates battling abilities. Consider enhancing your Pockie Pirates gears as much as possible, always auto train your crew members, and use any excess silver on upgrading your Warship.


Prestige is needed to refine your Pockie Pirates crew's individual attributes as well as upgrading the Aptitude ranking of your entire crew ship. You will mainly earn Prestige points through normal battling of the stages as well as a little bit of prestige through trading. Prestige is mainly used to upgrade the Aptitude ranking of your entire Pockie Pirates crew.

The best place is spend your Prestige point is 100% on your Pockie Pirates Aptitude. The higher ranking Aptitude can cost quite a bit of your prestige points. However, their power boost to your Pockie Pirates crews is immense.


Vitality is the movement point in Pockie Pirates, you will need vitality to battle through the regular levels and chain attack. Without vitality, you will not be able to advance through the levels in Pockie Pirates. You regain 1 Vitality point every 30 minutes, as well as through some other means such as Catch Fish or use Vitality potion, or purchase them with Pockie Pirates gold.

Vitality is the basic movement point and can be quite useful for chain attacks while doing Pockie Pirates prestige farming. You will earn more Prestige points through farming boss level stages, thus save your Vitality for the stages that really count. Vitality is hard to come by and you need to be quite patient unless you want to spend Pockie Pirates gold.

How to Get the Various Pockie Pirates Resources

In this guide, we will go over in detail on how each of the currency resource is gained in Pockie Pirates to help you gather these needed items faster and in more complete way.

Get Pockie Pirates Gold

Because the gold is a real money currency, there are very little ways of obtaining free Pockie Pirates gold. Below are some of the ways:

Daily Log in bonus: Because the game is not fully published on Open Beta yet, this method is only speculation. We think that a little bit of of gold will be rewarded for the weekly login bonus.

Chapter Completion Drawing: When you have completed 40%, 100%, and perfect completion of the Pockie Pirates chapters based on the numbers of stages and mastery stars. You will have a chance to draw some gold from 5 cards.

Purchase and Top Up: The easiest way and fastest method to get Pockie Pirates gold is through charging your credit card and purchase them flat out.

Get Pockie Pirates Silver

The Silver money in Pockie Pirates is the most basic currency, you can get them through many methods in game. We will list them out below as a reference for you to gain the most silver possible.

Pockie Pirates Quests: Quests move you through the storyline and awards you with decent amount of Silver.

Auto Play: The Auto Play function in the game is a great way to earn some free Silver and EXP, remember to always turn them on when you are sleeping, work, or school.

Pockie Pirates Conquer Slave: You can enslave other pirates in the game and make them work for your own personal silver gain.

Fishing: Earn Silver in game by catching fish.

Various Events: There are many great events in Pockie Pirates that you can earn great deal of Silver from.

Daily Log-in Bonus: You are rewarded with some silver cards at later stages of log in bonus, thus always remember to claim them whenever possible.

Selling Gears: Silver is also gained when you sell the gears that you earn through playing or drawing from chapter completion rewards.

Chapter Completion Rewards: It is good practice to get mastery completion because you can earn good rewards such as gold, silver, and Pockie Pirates training potion.

Get Pockie Pirates Prestige

The best way to earn Pockie Pirate Prestige is through chain attacking the highest boss stages that you have completed. However, you should really focus on getting higher level ups to unlock even more advanced bosses for prestige farming. It is truly a question of balance on whether or not your Pockie Pirates crews can handle advanced stages in the game.



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