Pockie Pirates Guide: Gearing Build Up

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Here is a guide about gearing build up in Pockie Pirates. It's never an easy thing to get the superior gears. So turn your eyes here guys. Thank Joeleeq who posted it on Official Forum.

1. Enhancement

- 2 way of enhancement:

i. Rationalised/ Evenly-distributed scheme - Will save a lot of silvers and support the idea of gradual progression. All of your crew gearing would be the same. The mid-point of rationalisation will be the cost per enhancement. In turn, it will be more favorable for swordsman as armor enhancement cost is low. Inheritance would be much more effective in this than the other method.
ii. Focused scheme - This would be more effective but would waste a lot of silvers on the way because you will be changing gear along the way as you leveling. The reason it is effective is due to the fact that it brings out the strength of the crew.

First of all, different class have different specialties. Thus, they need different gear focused enhancement.

Pockie Pirates Screenshot

i. Sniper - Speed and Damage - Weapon and Shoe
ii. Navigator - Damage and Magic Defence - Weapon and Cloak
iii. Doctor - All rounder - HP and Defence because healing skill.
iv. Swordsman - Defence - Cloak and Armor

When you put this idea into a battle,
Swordsman will be at the front as tanker.
Navigator would be a tanker in case of defending against navigator or doctor. If not, it will be placed at behind.
Sniper will be placed at behind since it have the lowest average defence.
Doctor can be placed anywhere but best would be defending against a weaker opponent's crew so it can use inspiration skill when get injured and have chance to use healing skill.

- But there is still need to pump up the defence of all crews because there are a lot of AOE skills out there. It is not worthy to get killed by others using AOE skill.
- But, at the end game, all of your gears will still be fully enhanced. In long term horizon, method 1 looked to be better because it saves silvers. But, method 2 would be more effective in battle and winning in arena and events would bring silvers rewards too. It is up to your discretion.

2. Grade of gears

- Everyone know the best is SS followed by S, then A and B. Everyone can get B easily. A can be obtained from merchant ship or cards or battle.
- Then, there is those synthesised S equipment.
Sourced from Destiny's guide:
-You need the scroll first. The required items is obtained from dungeon. Scroll normally 4th or 5th cards.
Thunder God Scroll: Blade - 6 Thunder Jade, 8 Heart of Nerves, 10 Mermaid Tears
Thunder God Scroll: Armor - 4 Thunder Jade, 10 Heart of Nerves, 14 Mermaid Tears
Thunder God Scroll: Book - 6 Thunder Jade, 8 Heart of Wit, 10 Mermaid Tears (Corrected by xxklearxx)
Thunder God Scroll: Pauldron - 4 Thunder Jade, 10 Heart of Wit, 14 Mermaid Tears
Thunder God Scroll: Helm - 5 Thunder Jade, 10 Heart of Mercy, 10 Mermaid Tears (Confirmed by rvviliran)
Thunder God Scroll: Boots - 5 Thunder Jade, 8 Heart of Mercy, 14 Mermaid Tears (Confirmed by rvviliran)

3. Shell

- So far, I only seen:
- Offensive - Critical, Hit, Attack, Fury, Speed, Break block
- Defensive - Block, HP, Damage Immunity, Dodge
- I calculated block for my swordsman it's around 40-50% damage reduction. Critical multiplier yet to be checked.
- Shell is obtained from the shell chest and shell chest is obtainable from event, trial, liveliness rewards or undersea treasure.

4. Shadow

- I regard shadow as gearing as well because you equipping it too. One of the gears.
- According to main website, currently we only have Critical Hit Shadow Demon, Hit Shadow Demon, Dodge Demon, Physical Attack Shadow Demon, Magical Attack Shadow Demon, Speed Shadow Demon and HP Shadow Demon.
- This feature will only be unlocked when level 50 and it will cost a lot of silvers to get the one that you actually want.
- You can upgrade shadows as well by feeding equal or lower rank shadow to them.



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