Pockie Pirates Guide:Easy Way to Get 3 Stars in Battle.

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Here is a guide about the Easy way to get 3 stars in Battle in Pockie Pirates. Thank killergaby who posted it on Official Forum. If you have any problem about it, just check below:

Click Login Rewards then click 2nd page 'Secretary'.

This guide is primarily for the beginning of the game. As you level up the harder it gets. It all starts at lvl 4 when you learn to enhance. Instead of just pressing rapidly and skipping everything, as soon as you get enhance level your weapon all the up to your own lvl. Some fights might even be 1 hit KO. A lot of people get two stars as soon as they get Rene. A good way to avoid those early two stars is by Enhancing your weapon and her boots to kill one of your opponents before it can deal damage. Another way is to enhance Rene's chest, which i recommend. As soon as you go to the next island they teach you how to recruit. If you want you can test your luck on buggy like most people do. What i did was spend all my advance convene 11 in total because of the 10 from facebook packages and 1 free daily. All the A soldiers i got i fired because of the new Logbook, you can get them later. Sadly i didn't get buggy. So what i did was spend 30k silver to get a healer. Then after that i checked his Active skill slot. Most of the time at start i never got group healing. If you don't it's fine, fire him too and try for another doctor until you get a doctor with group healing. Remember spending 30k silver for a chance to get group healing is way better than spending 50 gold especially in the beginning of the game. Now you have your protagonist, a healer and Rene. With this combination you should be able to get to lvl 20 with 3 stars in each fight. As your healer lvls up only level his active skill (group healing), as for Rene, only lvl Mirror soul. Always enhance your gear every time you have the chance, remember Rene's chest is key, because she will be taking most of the damage. As soon as you have Rene's Chest maxed, you want to work on Enhancing a hat for her. Stars are based on percentage of health of the whole group. The more health and armor your whole crew has the better off you will be for getting three stars.

This guide is made for those who don't get buggy. If you get buggy then use buggy and you'll be fine. As soon as you can get a 4th person do what i said with getting a healer and group heal. A healer is essential to getting 3 stars throughout the game.

Re-positioning your characters and moving gear around is a huge factor in getting three stars. For example, if you have a tank that has very high lvl chest and cape, and you just got your 4th character and you are fighting vs swordsmen/sniper and enchanter/doctor. You can give your tank's cape to your healer and put the healer in the enchanter/doctor lane while the tank keeps the chest fighting the swordsmen/sniper (use stuns to your advantage).

Also remember bottom always attack top if there's nobody in the bottom side for the enemy, but it doesn't work vice-verse. If there's nobody on top but somebody in the mid, the top will attack the mid. This is very useful when you are trying to stun a specific person.




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