Pockie Pirates Guide: Devil Fruit and Potential Shards

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Do you what to know what different ranks are and what the difference between potential shard and devil fruit is in Pockie Pirates? This is here to make it easier for them! Thanks zhere to share this great guide.

Question: What is the difference between a potential shard and devil fruit?
Answer: The real difference is who you can give it to. People who have eaten a devil fruit in the manga needs devil fruit, and everyone else needs potential shard. For example, Buggy needs a devil fruit while Gin needs a potential shard.

Question: If I give my crew higher rank of devil fruit/potential shard, can they get better/more effects?
Answer: No, you can't give your crew higher rank actually. You need to give a rank appropriate to that crew. For example, Wapol is an A rank and therefore needs a C rank devil fruit, while buggy is an S rank from the first bar, so he needs a B rank devil fruit.

Question: Then what about higher ranks?
Answer: Thosse come into play later in the game. For example, Smoker is an S rank from 70 bar, so he needs an A rank, and Enel is an SS rank from 70 bar so he needs an S rank.

Question: Is there any way for me to know which characther needs which?
Answer: Generaly A ranks need C rank, S ranks from 2 first bars need B rank, S ranks from 70 and 80 bar needs A rank, SS from 70 and 80 bar needs S rank, S ranks from all blue needs S ranks, and everyone else (SS from all blue and the admirals) need SS rank. However, you can also go to the skill tab, find the crew, and then press "On". This will show what material is needed (what rank and if it's Devil Fruit or Potential Shard). I will also post a list at the bottom of this when I have time.

Question: How can I get devil fruits?
Answer: C ranks are bought for 500 ladder honor, gained trough the ladder event. The others are bought by diamonds earned trough battle royale.

Question: How do I use a devil fruit?
Answer: You go to your crew tab, and then the skill page (the place where you learn passive skills). To the left of your passive skills there is some information about your devil fruit, and also a very big "Off button". Click that "Off button", if you have the required materials you will now be able to press "Activate".

Question: What does devil fruit do?
Answer: Devil fruits provide you with some form of passive skill, which is different from characther to characther. If you check the image, the place with a red box, is where the effect of the devil fruit is described.

Pockie Pirates

List of Devil Fruit and potential shards.
First bar (and Rene):
Rene: C Rank Potential Shard
Alvida: C Rank Potential Shard
Helmeppo: C Rank Potential Shard
Morgan: C Rank Potential Shard
Sham: C Rank Potential Shard
Buchi: C Rank Potential Shard
Mohji: C Rank Potential Shard
Cabaji: C Rank Potential Shard
Jango: C Rank Potential Shard
Satori: B Rank Potential Shard
Shura: B Rank Potential Shard
Buggy: B Rank Devil Fruit
Gin: B Rank Potential Shard

50 Bar:
Hatchan: C Rank Potential Shard
Kuroobi: C Rank Potential Shard
Kuro: C Rank Potential Shard
Chew: C Rank Potential Shard
Wapol: C Rank Devil Fruit
Bala: C Rank Potential Shard
Gedatsu: B Rank Potential Shard
Krieg: B Rank Potential Shard
Ohm: B Rank Potential Shard
Alvida: B Rank Devil Fruit
Arlong: B Rank Potential Shard
Tashigi: B Rank Potential Shard

70 Bar:
Bellamy: C Rank Devil Fruit
Kohza: C Rank Potential Shard
Dalton: C Rank Devil Fruit
Mr. 3: C Rank Devil Fruit
Accino: C Rank Devil Fruit
Foxy: C Rank Devil Fruit
Vivi: A Rank Potential Shard
Smoker: A Rank Devil Fruit
Mr. 1: A Rank Devil Fruit
Mr. 2: A Rank Devil Fruit
Enel: S Rank Devil Fruit
Crocodile: S Rank Devil Fruit

80 Bar:
Mashira: C Rank Potential Shard
Shoujou: C Rank Potential Shard
Mr. 5: C Rank Devil Fruit
Cricket: A Rank Potential Shard
Kaku: A Rank Devil Fruit
Magellan: A Rank Devil Fruit
Moriah: A Rank Devil Fruit
Rob Lucci: A Rank Devil Fruit
Ace: S Rank Devil Fruit
Boa: S Rank Devil Fruit
Mihawk: S Rank Potential Shard
Blackbeard: S Rank Devil Fruit

All blue 1:
Lafitte: S Rank Potential Shard
Burgess: S Rank Potential Shard
Doc Q: S Rank Potential Shard
Van Augur: S Rank Potential Shard
Perona: S Rank Devil Fruit
Chopper: SS Rank Devil Fruit
Doflamingo: SS Rank Devil Fruit
Franky: SS Rank Potential Shard
Jinbei: SS Rank Potential Shard
Kuma: SS Rank Devil Fruit
Law: SS Rank Devil Fruit
Robin: SS Rank Devil Fruit

All Blue 2:
Brook: SS Rank Devil Fruit
Kidd: SS Rank Devil Fruit
Hawkins: SS Rank Devil Fruit
Nami: SS Rank Potential Shard
Sanji: SS Rank Potential Shard
Shirahoshi: SS Rank Potential Shard
Usopp: SS Rank Potential Shard
X-Drake: SS Rank Devil Fruit
Zoro: SS Rank Potential Shard

Kizaru: SS Rank Devil Fruit
Akainu: SS Rank Devil Fruit
Aokiji: SS Rank Devil Fruit
Protagonist: S Rank Potential Shard



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