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Hey guys this is Destiny on Server 1 - Fushia Villiage and i'm here to impart some of the knowledge i have acquired through playing this game with those who need help. Here, I am going to post some of the commonly asked questions by people in game. 

1) What levels do you get new Crew Members?

Level 15 - Max of 3 crew members

Level 25 - Max of 4 crew members

Level 35 - Max of 5 crew members

Level 40 - Max of 6 crew members

Level 50 - Max of 7 crew members

Level 60 - Max of 8 crew members

Level 70 - Max of 9 crew members

NOTE: Max of 5 Crew Members in your battle formation.

2) How do you get new crew members?

To get new crew members, you have to access the recruit section through the Bar Owner. Once you are there, there are 3 types of recruitment options available to you: (Note: you get 2 free tries everyday(VIP2 only) that you can use towards Advanced Convene)

Convene - Mostly B rank with a very small chance of A rank and  S rank crew members(almost non-existent). 

Advanced Convene - Mostly B rank with a medium chance of A and S rank crew members

Super Convene - Mostly A rank with a medium chance of S rank crew members.

Pockie Pirates FAQ

3) How do you access the Dungeon?

In order to unlock the first "Dungeon" you will have to meet the following requirements:

     a. Be level 40.

     b. Finish the first main quest at Baratie island

Once both of those requirements are met, a dungeon icon will appear next to the online events icon.

Level 40 - Thunder god dungeon unlocked

Level 60 - Wind god dungeon unlocked

Level 80 - Sea god dungeon unlocked

Level 100 - Fire god dungeon unlocked.

NOTE: You can access the Dungeon a total of 4 times Per day. You are given one free dungeon try per day and gold is required for further attempts. 2nd try is 50g, 3rd try is 100g, and 4th try is 150g. Also, dungeon does not USE VITALITY!

4) What are Thunder Jade, Mermaid Tears, Hearts (3 types), and Thunder set scrolls? And how to acquire them?  

The level 40 dungeon layout is pretty much any other map consisting of 20 fights (each with a different"boss").

Throughout these fights, each specific fight has a chance of dropping a specific material. These materials are:

    a. Thunder Jade

    b. Heart of Nerve

    c. Heart of Mercy

    d. Heart of Wit

    e. Mermaid Tears

These materials are needed to forge Thunder god items: Thunder god blade, book, cloak, helm, armor, and boots. However, you will need to obtain a Thunder God Scroll (6 types of scrolls; one for each type of item). To obtain these scrolls, you will need to achieve 40%, 100%, and Perfection completion. 

40% Completion: Thunder God Scroll: Blade, Thunder God Scroll: Armor

100% Completion: Thunder God Scroll: Book, Thunder God Scroll: Pauldron (cloaks)

Perfect Completion (60/60 stars): Thunder God Scroll: Boots, Thunder God Scroll: Helm 

5) How to use the Thunder God scrolls?

   a. Go to your Bag

   b. Left click the scroll

   c. Click "Use"

   d. Click Synthesis to forge your items. 

Note: Different amount of materials are needed for different item forges.

Thunder God Scroll: Blade - 6 Thunder Jade, 8 Heart of Nerves, 10 Mermaid Tears

Thunder God Scroll: Armor - 4 Thunder Jade, 10 Heart of Nerves, 14 Mermaid Tears

Thunder God Scroll: Book - 6 Thunder Jade, 8 Heart of Wit, 10 Mermaid Tears (Corrected by xxklearxx)

Thunder God Scroll: Pauldron - 4 Thunder Jade, 10 Heart of Wit, 14 Mermaid Tears

Thunder God Scroll: Helm - 5 Thunder Jade, 10 Heart of Mercy, 10 Mermaid Tears (Confirmed by rvviliran)

Thunder God Scroll: Boots - 5 Thunder Jade, 8 Heart of Mercy, 14 Mermaid Tears (Confirmed by rvviliran)

6) What are shards?

Shards are basically fragments of an item. Shard items will show up with a number after it's name such as (1/2); this means you need 2 shards. If it's (1/10) - for SS items, you will need a total of 10 shards in order to make the item.

7) What is the max number of Crew Members you can have on the battle field?

At this moment, the max is 5 crew members on the battlefield at any time. However you can obtain more than 5 crew members.

8) How to obtain Devil Fruits?

You can not obtain Devil Fruits. However, you can obtain shadows (enchances stats; quite frankly it's similar to devil fruit) from the "Shadow Shop. In order to access the Shadow Shop, you have to be at least level 50. 

9) What is the Level 40 aptitude skill for protagonists and how to get it?

Once your Protagonist (your main character) hits level 40, you can get the new level 40 Aptitude skill. These skills are: 

Sniper - Shadow Pounce - AOE type (10 hits)

Navigator -  Fallen star - AOE type (can stun)

Swordsman - Endless Sky - Frontal Bracket AOE, increases def

Doctor -  Holy blessing - Buff 90%-100% damage

In order to get this skill, you will have to go to your crew list and reset your Protagonist's Active Skill Slot. Getting the skill depends on your luck and each reset is 50g. So, Good Luck and be warned.

10) Aptitude and how to use it?

Aptitude is a passive "buff" that affects your crew as a whole. In order to upgrade the skills, you will need Prestige. The following Aptitude skills unlocks at the following levels (need Confirmation:

Level 10 - Clash (Raises Crew's Physical Attack) and Eclipse (Raises Crew's Magical Attack)

Level 30 - Ironwall (Raises Crew's Physical Defense), Holy Shield (Raises Crew's Magical Defense)

Level 40 - Tenacity (Raises Crew's HP)

Level 50 - Snipe (Raises Crew's Hit) and Blur (Raises Crew's dodge)

Level 60 - Star (Raises Crew's Crit) and Windwalk (Raises Crew's speed) (Credit to supersnus)

11) When does the server reset?

The server resets at 12AM CST (GMT -6). Which means it resets at 1AM for EST (GMT -5) people and 10PM for PST (GMT -8) people. 

12) How to change your ship and how to change your formation?

In order to change your warship to another style, you have to go to your warship and upgrade it to 5 stars. Once it is at 5 stars, new Warships are unlocked.

In order to change your formation from the standard + formation, you will need to upgrade your ship to a different one.

13) Will your newly recruited Crew Member get the benefit from the aptitude skills?

Yes, all your crew members will benefit from the aptitude skills. 

14) Why can't i join the Team Battle?

Team battles (Event) has a requirement of level 30. Once you are level 30, you should be able to join Team battles to obtain rewards. Also, there is limit of 10 attempts per day, regardless of succeeding or failing an attempt.

15) How to get Rings?

Rings are only acquired through Perfection Stage Clears. This means when you're on a map, You have to complete all fights with 3 stars. Once you get all 3 stars, you will get a Perfection Stage Card flip. The ring should be in one of the 5 cards. Good Luck getting one!

You can also get Ring shards from ship trading and ship plundering. (Credits to Azaroth)

16) How do you get more gold?

Currently in Beta (may subject to change), you can get gold by claiming the daily reward from login claim, getting gold from the 40%, 100% and Perfection Stage Bonuses, or from buying gold. 

17) How to use the Shadow Shop?

In order to use the shadow shop, you will have to be level 50 first. Once you reach 50, you can access the shadow shop from an icon that is next to the trial fight icon OR you can access it through the harbor. Once you are there, you’ll probably notice 5 different Icons:

Pockie Pirates FAQ

C-Rank User: 10000 silver/click

B-Rank User: 20000 silver/click (unavailable until you get it through clicking C-Ranks - random)

A-Rank User : 50000 silver/click (unavailable until you get it through clicking B-Ranks - random)

S- Rank User: 80000 silver/click (unavailable until you get it through clicking A-Ranks - random)

SS-Rank User: 50 gold/click (unavailable until you get it through clicking S-Ranks - random)

By clicking the icons you will obtain “shadows” (kind of like devil fruits). There are two MAJOR types of shadows: ”Ghost Shadows” and Buff Shadows. The Ghost Shadows are useless while the buff shadows contains a specific buff (these are upgradable and has Ranks). During the course of clicking the C-Rank User, you may notice that sometimes the B-Rank becomes available. If this happens you can choose to click the B-Rank User icon. By clicking the B-Rank User icon you may or may not (random) activate the next tier (same goes for A, S, and SS rank). Once you clicked B-Rank + icons, they become unavailable again (either going back to C-Rank or activating the next tier rank). You can choose to either sell or pick up the shadows (pick up is limited to buff shadows ONLY)

Pockie Pirates FAQ

Pockie Pirates FAQ

18) How do you use the Shadows?

In order to use shadows, you will have access the shadow shop and click the “shadow inventory” on the bottom right hand corner. On this new page, you can navigate through your crew and the Shadows. Shadows are classified in the ranks of: C, B, A, S, and SS (C being the worst and SS being the best). From the screen you can see that the slots for the Shadows are only unlocked every 10 levels (starting at level 30 and up to 100). You can place a shadow in the unlocked slot. These shadows are upgradable (see question 20) and have specific stats for every single one of them.

Pockie Pirates FAQ

19) How to properly synthesis/upgrade your Shadows?

To properly synthesis and upgrade your favorable shadows, drag the unwanted shadow on top of the shadow you want to upgrade. When you release your mouse click, a notification saying "are you sure to make Fruit xxx devour xxx." Just click confirm and you can see that the exp on your shadow has increased based on what you "fed it." The following are the exp gained from feeding Shadows

Pockie Pirates FAQ

Feeding a C Rank shadow to a shadow gives: 30 EXP

Feeding a B Rank shadow to a shadow gives: 60 EXP

Feeding a A Rank shadow to a shadow gives: 120 EXP

Feeding a S Rank shadow to a shadow gives: 240 EXP (need verification)

Feeding a SS Rank shadow to a shadow gives: 480 EXP (need verification)

Note: Shadows can only be fed with shadows of the same rank or shadows below it's rank. The following list the limitations: 

C Ranks can't devour B ranks, A ranks, S ranks, and SS ranks.

B Ranks can't devour A ranks, S ranks, and SS ranks.

A Ranks can't devour S ranks, and SS ranks.

S Ranks can't devour SS ranks.

Note: When you feed a shadow that has exp, the exp is transferred over to the new shadow.

Pockie Pirates FAQ

20) How to get more vitality?

You can get more Vitality: 

   a. By going to another person’s harbor and catch their fish (sometimes another person might have done it already). You will get 2 vitality       per catch, only able to do it once on each person up to a max of 10 times per day (total of 20 vitality). 

   b. Waiting 30 minutes to gain 1 vitality. 

   c. Claiming the reward for accepting the 7th and 3rd daily quest

   d. Claiming the bonus from the secretary tab for vitality potions.

   e. Vitality Potions

   f. Buying Vitality using gold(starts at 20g for 10 Vit) Price increases by 20g every 2 purchase.(Reminder from Richard755)

21) What are the East Blue, West Blue, South Blue, and North Blue crew member and their skills?

East Blue (Level Requirement - 15):

West Blue (Level Requirement - 50):

South Blue (Level Requirement - 70):

North Blue (Level Requirement - 80):

(Credits to Pockie Pirates FAQ)

Note: Sorry, due to some weird reason i can't put it in a link. Copy and Paste!

Pockie Pirates FAQ

(Credit to Hawkey)

22) Can you log off during Autoplay or will autoplay cancel? Does it gain you any vitality or take vitality to work? 

Autoplay does not require vitality nor does it gain you any vitality. Vitality is  gained very 30 minutes. So if you're offline and 12 hour is passed, you'll get 24 vitality. Autoplay only earns you exp and prestige. When you log off or close the browser, the autoplay continues until the timer runs out and you'll get your reward when you log on. This is also true for chain attack; however, chain attack consumes vitality.

23) A simple tutorial/explanation on the 4 Online Events

One Piece Battle

- The One Piece battle is a passive online event that doesn't require much attention besides signing up for it. According to Closed Beta hours, the One Piece battles only occurs on Monday and Thursday. To enter the One piece battle, simply sign up for the event when the server resets on the day of the event OR sign up anytime PRIOR to the start of the event. Once you signed up, all you have to do is to wait for the Event to be over in order to claim your rewards. The event is a tournament based bracket (like the one from Pockie Ninja). You can also view the fight between combatants in the Top 32. 

Note: Only the Top 32 and higher rankings will obtain more prizes in addition to the 20k silver that everyone gets. (Fixed by AngelKilk)

Legion Battle

- Like the One Piece Battle, the Legion battle is a passive online event that doesn't require much attention as long as you're in a Legion. This event is a face off between all the Legions in Pockie Pirates to determine who is the best legion. The battle is based on a warship battle  that simulates a battle according to your crew's stats. Higher leveled warships does have extra stat boost that will contribute to your successes. You can view the Legion battle fights during the event but you can't "actively participate" in the battle (it's all simulated). Once the event is over, if you're in the Top 15 (Need confirmation), you will get a notification from the system providing you with rewards.

White beard Challenge

- The White Beard Challenge is one of the most popular events in Closed Beta. There is a level requirement of 30. This event features a fight between you and white beard (as well as everyone else participating in this event). This event rewards you with silver and prestige and the amount of silver you obtain is equal to the damage you deal to White Beard. Every single time you attack white beard, there will be a 1 minute cool down (starts counting down as soon as the fight starts) before your next attack (You can use 5 gold to refresh this cool down). Currently only the Top 10 damage dealers and the person who kills White beard (dealt the killing blow) will obtain additional rewards in the form of silvers. The person who kills White beard, regardless of ranking on White Beard will obtain 1 million silver. Also, you can skip the fight simulation by clicking the skip button on the bottom right hand side (The 1 minute cool down counts down even if you decide to watch the fight).

Tip: Before you participate in this event, make sure to turn other player's character model off so you can easily navigate to White Beard to click on him in order to attack.

Team Battle

- The Team Battle is also one of the most popular events in Closed Beta. The format of this event is pretty similar to that of a legion battle except you have an "active" role in the participation of this event (finding team mates; the ship battles are simulated). In order to participate in the Team Battles, you have to be at least level 30, since the first battle is for level 30+. Once you meet this requirement all you  have to do is to click the join button and find a room with other people. 

Note: You can also make you own room and you can also add a password to the room

Once the host of the room starts the battle, the simulation of the fight is then started. From my experience in Closed beta, you will have to stay until the end of the simulation. Once the simulation is over, you can leave the battle and the rewards will be shown. You can obtain weapon shards, armor shards, or the materials (only the orbs) for set items in addition to EXP. There is however, a limitation of 10 Team battle per day despite your failures and successes. So, make sure you get a good team that will be able to win fights. 

24) What does the stats in crew develop mean?

As many of you have noticed, one very nice feature in Pockie Pirates is the Develop feature. This feature allows you to "upgrade" your 4 category stats. The following are the stat names and their meaning:

Strength: Strength stands for "physical power." Upgrading this stat will increase your selected character's physical attack power.

Intellect: Intellect stands for "magical power." Upgrading this stat will increase your selected character's magical attack power.

Physique: Physique stands for "health." Upgrading this stat will increase your selected character's health point.

Agility: Agility stands for "speed." Upgrading this stat will increase your selected character's speed.

These stats can be upgraded using Prestige and Gold (two types). The variation of cost depends on the character rank (B, A, S, and SS). I believe that the second type of using Gold, the more expensive option, always gives positive stats (need confirmation).   

Note: As you are developing/upgrading these stats, you may notice that some of the stats has a red down arrow (downgrades your stat).  If the stat is good for a class i would suggest accepting the stat by clicking "Replace (accept)," if the stat is bad for a class i would suggest rejecting it by clicking "Maintain" (keeping original stats).

(Corrections by lukstealer)

Tip: If the stat are coming up with red and down arrows, level up and try developing later\

The following are my opinions of beneficial stats for each character type:

Sniper: Strength > Agility > Physique > Intellect (Damage based)

Doctor: Agility > Physique > Intellect > Strength (Doctors for Buffing)

Swordsmen: Physique > Strength > Agility > Intellect (Tanking based) OR Strength > Agility > Physique > Intellect (Damage Based)

Navigator: Intellect > Agility > Physique > Strength (Damage based)

Note: These are my opinions, don't be afraid to formulate your own strategies/opinions

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