Pockie Pirates Guide: Daily Task System

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This guide is about the daily tasks you can do in Pockie Pirates. Just check below to get the information you may need:

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How to Get Active Points:

Each completed task from "The Unfinished" area rewards you with 5 Active Points


1. Players can click on the "Daily Task" button Pockie Pirates Screenshot to complete quests and earn Active Points. Refreshing the daily quest level can grant more Character EXP, Silver and Prestige. The number of Goblets and Vitality Potions rewarded, however, are fixed and based on your current Active Points and level.

2. The daily active point goals are: 20, 40, 60, 80, 100, 120, 140, and 160. The max Active Points for VIP0 to VIP4 Players is 100, which for VIP5 and above players the max is 160. Complete more active quests to get more rewards.

Active Quest Rewards are as follows:

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Character level and Goblet:

Lv.1—59: Copper Goblet

Lv.60—89: Silver Goblet

Lv. 90—109: Golden Goblet

Above Lv.110: Jade Goblet

High level goblets can be traded for lower level ones at a 1:1 ratio. Jade Goblet can be traded for Golden Goblets, which can be traded for Silver Goblets, which can be traded for Copper Goblets.

Redemption Shop:

Pockie Pirates Screenshot

Click Exchange to enter the Redemption Shop:

Pockie Pirates Screenshot

Various items can be traded for your Goblets. Will you spend them instantly on small items, or save up for a big one?



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