Pockie Pirates Guide: Crewmate

Keep on mind this Pockie Pirates guide come from chinese server, many descriptions of our server in chapter 4 are wrong/different to the description of the chinese version. This guide maded by Solon D.Ray (from orange) to solve many questions about Crewmates, suchs as if someone skill crit or what is the area of damage of a skill, whatever.

The Crewmate classification is based on the level range of the bar, for example, obviously Satori will not have a 3,5 Stars perfomance at level 80 due his stats growth, follow the level range indication at the table to you know the the level that a crew mate will show his limits and have to be replaced.

Each 15 levels your protagonist gain, you can discount 0,5 Star from the crewmate classification at the table of each crewmate you have starting from the level that you recruited. So you can see when the char will show his limits. For example, i got Hatchan, that has 3,5 stars of classification on his bar, at level 50. I went to level 80 with my protagonist and i still using him. 80-50= 30 levels that i traveled with him. So, 80/15= 5 ( by rounding ), 5*0,5= 2,5 stars.Ill discount 2,5 Stars from his classification, so he will got only 1 Star of performance. if appropriate to my formation, ill change him with another crewmate that have a better classification at 80 bar.

1. Abreviations and meanings

To u guys that dont are very familiar with abreviations, ill put some here that i used in the guide:
Char = character (Character is the little guy you play with in the game. can be your protagonist or any crewmate/pirate)
P.Atk = Physical Attack ( Snipers and swordsmen do these type of attack)
M.Atk = Magical Attack ( Doctors and Navigators do these type of attack)
P.Def = Physical Defense ( Defense against Physical Attacks)
M. Def = Magical Defense ( Defense against Magical Attacks)
Crit = Critical Hit ( Hit that exceeds the normal attack, but dont exactly double the damage)
HP = Hit Points/Health Points (Your life)
Buff ( A Buff is when u get something raising any of your stats, like Attack, Defense, Dodge....)
Debuff (A debuff is the contrary of a buff, it lower stats)
Tank/Tanker (Tank or Tanker are crewmates that has a lot of HP and Def that can protect your Crew from incoming attacks)
DD = Damage Dealer ( Damage dealers are crewmates that dont have a good HP or Defs, they just deal a lot of damage, so they have to be protected)
Row (A row is a horizontal line in the formation)
Column (A column is a vertical line in the formation)
App Skill = Aptitude Skill ( Aptitude Skill is the best active skill/special skill that your main protagonist can have and is very important to have. All Aptitude Skill are AoE and cant Crit. They can be get by reseting your ACTIVE SKILL by 50 Gold each time you reset when u get level 40. Good Luck, you will have 14% Chance to get it and dont worry, all the points u spent on your past active skill will return to you)
AoE = Area of Effect ( A area of effect, or splash/area damage is any skill that can hit everyone)
Thunder God Set ( is a set of equipments that raises greatly your Critical Hit and your Hit Rate. u can get it from level 40 dungeon)
Wind God Set (is a set of equipments that raises greatly your Speed and Dodge. u can get it from level 60 dungeon)

2. Positioning terms and names

Front Line

Middle Line

Side lines/Corners

3. Cross skill

One thing that many people dont know is that skills like Gale, Theft Swindle (Sham's skill), Hollow Moon Chop (cabaji's skill) and some other skill are AoE, you just have to get the right posiotion and the right target to make it splash, lets see.

In this case, the tanker is dead, so the middle column is oppen, and Sham's skill can Damage nearby enemies in a cross, lets see.

An another situation, just to confirm that the spreading is only vertical and horizontal and only spread 1 time. See how Sham's skill didnt affected Buggy or Helmeppo and just affected Mohji and Jango? This is how the Cross attack works.

4. Passives skills builds ( You have to check it when you read the tables if you want to know the best passive build to your crewmate)

Passives Builds for Swordsman >>

Passives Builds for Sniper >>

Passives Builds for Navigator >>

Passives Builds for Doctor >>

EAST BLUE BAR ( You can enter here on level 24) >>


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