Pockie Pirates Guide: Crew Upgrading + DF (Next New Chapter)

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I want to share you something ahout Pockie Pirates'snext new chapter which will come.

New chapter let you:

- Upgrade member rank (From S -> SS, and from SS -> SSS .). Note: each member can be upgraded only once, so you can't upgrade S rank member to SSS .

- You can unlock Additional ability which requires Devil fruit/ Upgrading crystal.

Ok so we will start from Rank upgrade . (Requires lvl60(or lvl50))

2 new icons will apear .

First icon which looks like someone's kidney is.

Pockie Pirates Icon

By pressing this you will enter into mini-game .

Pockie Pirates

1. Current amount of red crystals you have (Required to upgrade SS rank member to SSS)
2. Current amount of orange crystals you have (Required to upgrade S rank member to SS)
3. Amount of crystal you get by pressing [6.] button
4. Amount of prestige you get by pressing [6.] button
5. Amount of silver you get by pressing [6.] button
6. Game starting button
7. Increase gain by 4x and 9x by paying 40gold and 90gold (Thorvald knows better)
Each day you have 10 tries . You can get 2x orange or 2 red crystals .

Also each daily task milestone gives you 2 orange crystals . (I am not vip so can't tell more)
Next is member upgrade . By pressing icon which is displayed down .

Pockie Pirates

Upgrade member interface

Pockie Pirates Interface

So here is only 1 button which upgrades member rank.
So the requirements to upgrade are

Starting from EAST BLUE BAR (lvl24 bar)
To upgrade Buggy, Gin, Satori, Shura you need
- lvl50 Buggy, Gin etc.
- 100 orange crystals
- 200000 prestige

To upgrade Krieg, Arlong, Gedatsu, Ohm, Slim Alvida, Tashigi you need
- lvl50 Krieg, Arlong etc.
- 200 orange crystals
- 400000 prestige

To upgrade S rank member (Vivi, Smoker, Mr.1) you need
- lvl 70 Vivi, Smoker, Mr.1
- 300 orange crystals
- 800000 prestige
To upgrade SS rank member (Crocodile, Enel ) you need
- lvl70 Crocodil, Enel.
- 600 red crystals
- 1000000 prestige

To upgrade S rank member (Moriah, Kaku and so on) you need
- lvl80 Moriah, Kaku etc.
- 400 orange crystals
- 1500000 prestige
To upgrade SS rank member (Ace, Mihawk, Boa, BlackBeard) you need
- lvl80 Ace, Mihawk etc.
- 800 red crystals
- 2000000 prestige

At the moment only 6 members can be upgrade
For S rank AB members (Perona, Jesus Burgess, Van augur, Doc q, Laffitte) you need
- lvl100 Perona, Burgess, etc.
- 500 orange crystals
- 500 FAME
For SS rank AB members (at the moment only Franky can be upgraded) you need
- lvl100 franky
- 800 red crystals
- 2400 FAME !!

Chapter 2: Devil fruit abilities .

Each member in Pockie pirates (except B rank members) can unlock their Devil fruit ability or just ability if they are not Devil fruit user

You can look for it in character -> skill tab

Pockie Pirates Skill Tab

It's hows the skill and the effect .By pressing that oval button the requirement table will show.

Pockie Pirates

Now the requirements are grouped into this
SS rank Bar members (Mihawk, Enel, Boa) requires S rank Devil fruit/upgrading crystal

Pockie Pirates Devil fruit/ Devil fruit

Pockie Pirates Upgrading crystal/ Upgrading crystal

S rank Bar members (Smoker, Mr.1, Mr.2 and so on) requires A rank Devil fruit / upgrading crystal
A rank Bar members (Bellamy, Kuroobi, Don acino, Jango ) requires C rank Devil fruit / upgrading crystal .

Protagonist needs S rank upgrading crystal .

Updated: AB SS rank members (Chopper, Law, Franky ) requires SS rank Devil fruit / upgrading crystal .

Devil fruit/ upgrading crystal prices:

Pockie Pirates Crystal Prices



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