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Navigator class in Pockie Pirates game would deal magic damage, so you need to increase Intelligence as the Highest priority.

Agility will be high priority and Physique of average and strength should not be increased.

Secondly navigators have skills

There are three type of skills

Active Skills

Medusa’s Eye- Petrifies a single enemy, the success rate increases with Skill Level.

Snowstorm- Reduces Speed of all enemies, the effect increases with Skill Level.

Frost the World- Attacks enemies on a column, the damage increases with Skill Level.

Heavy Rain- Attacks all enemies, the damage increases with Skill Level.

Toxic Space- Poisons all enemies, the success rate increases with Skill Level.

Passive Skills

Flame Power- Raises yourself Magical Attack when releasing the skill, the effect stacks and lasts until the end of battle its proc rate and effect increase with Skill Level.

Fiery Blessing- Raises your group critical hit when releasing the skill, the effect increases with Skill Level.

Gale: Raises your speed when releasing the skill, the effectstacks and lasts until the end of the battle its proc rate and the effect increase with Skill Level.

Speed Control- Raises your Speed, the effect increases with Skill Level.

Tactics- There’s a certain odd of attaching extra damage when critical hit appears in the attack, attached damage increases with Skill Level.

Shelter Of God- There’s a certain odd of clearing yourself 1 debuff at the start of the turn its proc rate increases with Skill Level.

Aptitiude Skill

(Learn at level 40)

These give bonuses to your crew!

Clash – raises crew physical attack points

ironwall – raises crew physical defence

Eclipse- this  raises crew magical damage

Holy shield – this increases crews magical defence.

About Navigator Gear :

Weapon – enhances damage dealt by a crew member once equipped. the cost to upgrade and item increases everytime it is upgraded and ti should be noted that enhancing an item may fail! ( this goes for all items weapons, heats, shoes … etc )

Rings- rings can only be gained by doing elite quests ( they are always either the 4 or 5th card) i have wasted about 300 gold alone trying to get rings but the 50/50 chance i have always lost. Ring can also be traided or you can raid ship ( you have limited amount of trades and raids for the day) Trades can also be dangerous as your gear can be stolen en route to your ship/harbour, i have had gear stolen about 2 times already IFF the gear is rare and you dont want to lose it you should speed up the trade with gold. ( i will talk more about trading in another guide) Rings increase your health

Caps – these increase your health, if you are dying it would be worthwhile to enhance your cap.

Boots – these increase your speed, the faster you are the faster you attack, this is key if you want to get 3 star completion in a fight but i will elaborate in another guide.

Cloaks- these increase your magical defence that is magical attacks will deal less damage to you.

Armour – this increases your physical defence that is physical attacks will deal less damage to you.

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