Pockie Pirates Guide: Comparison of the 4 Classes

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By umberix from Official Forum

This guide will talk about the pros and cons of each individual class in Pockie Pirates. For those that don't know, the four classes are doctor, sniper, swordsman, and navigator, each with their own attributes. A swordsman is more or so of a tanker for the crew. A sniper is a physical damager of the crew. A navigator, sort of like a sniper, does most of the magical damage of the crew but a navigator is a bit tankier than a sniper. A doctor is usually the supportive member of the crew, either healing or giving buffs or shields to he crew. Now lets get into he details.



-has a really strong passive,Mirror Soul, that is good against heavy damagers and because of this a swordsman is not always shut down by a stun
-decent AoE aptitude skill which also makes him take reduced damage for that turn, also doing good number of damage with extra fury


-not a strong overall damage, but not really expected as a tanker
-weak early in the game because you have low damage output while you Rene



-good damage and speed
-high damaging aptitude skill
-really strong early in the game because of finger pistol and most battles are going to be stacked in the middle row


-bad defenses so he can easily be taken out by AoE
-shut down hard by stun
-aptitude skill not always able to finish off low targets because the damage is dealt randomly



-very strong magical damages and magical damage "magically" does more damage than physical damage
-high damaging aptitude skill with increased fury and has a chance to stun
-gets shut down by stun but that gets easily counter by the passive skill "Shelter of God"


-not strong earlier on in the game because active skill "Frost the World" is your starter but enemies are positioned in the middle row while Frost the World hits in columns



-does magical damage
-decent early game
-most damaging aptitude skill when put as a team


-doesn't heal unless you plan to use gold to change active skill
-unreliable aptitude skill because it's a garantee buff
-waste of a Thunder God set if put on him

Final Comments:

Navigators have the best overall kit. We need a system to change classes. :p Thanka for reading, post any questions and comments below.



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